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18-08-2006, 04:39 AM
Hi there!
I'm trying to put a large photo cut in to twelve pieces, displayed in a table, so that the big photo is displayed as one large one, not twelve small ones. I'd really like to do it with an HTML table ( <table><tr><td></td>etc etc<td></td></tr></table>) rather than with any other method (ieg flash or dumbing down the quality of the photo or one BIG photo etc) as I would like the photo(s) displayed by as many and as varied browsers as poss. And a simple table with no plugins needed, JavaScript or any other coding needing possible downloads etc. would seem to be the choice.

And now the issue.....

When I try <table border="1"> (as I do just to see the table working with the photos in it) there is of course a gap between the smaller photos. But even with <table border="0"> there still remains a small gap.

SO.... how do I get round that and get the nine smaller photos touching so that it looks like one big photo? Rememeemeber! The simpler it is, I may even understand it!?!!?! :groan:

many regards,

The Cell :D

BTW All you pervs out there, no it's not porn! :blush: It's a large wedding photo that I'd like to bung up on my website so that people from my 'far and wide' family can view it. And as I don't know ALL thier browsers.......

18-08-2006, 07:58 AM
cell spacing and cell padding need to be set to 0 :)

I think some programs can automaticaly slice up a pic and create the code at the same time.

You could use CSS to put the picture at the back of your page behind your text, then it can download in its own time while people read the page.

Its only a few lines of code.

Look here


(These are not the best )

If you fade it out it can be placed absolutly in the same position on the screen when you scroll the page as well.