View Full Version : Wireless Network Setup with Ubuntu 5.10

11-08-2006, 08:28 PM
My friend called me a few days ago to help him set up a wireless network connection for his computer. He has one computer, which is running Microsoft Windows XP: Service Pack 2 (but that doesn't matter), downstairs, which is directly connected to a Quest ACTIONTEC DSL modem with a built in wireless router. I configurated the wireless router so that it would work with a wireless connection, but my problem lies in the second computer with the wireless network adapter. The second computer (the one he wants the wireless internet connection on) has a fresh install of Ubuntu 5.10 on it, and there is nothing else on the hard drive.

I do not know the brand or model number of the wireless network adapter, but it looks a lot like a flash thumb drive and connects to a USB port. I am positive that is a wireless network adapter because it says so on the side.

I have the wireless network adapter plugged into the computer that needs the wireless internet connection set up on it; the one that is not directly connected to the Quest ACTIONTEC DSL modem. I also have the second computer in the same room, so I am positive the signal strength is fine.

I am completely in the dark as for what to do next. I have literally no experience in setting up wireless networks with Linux machines, and I'd greatly appreciate some help, as would my friend.

Thank you very much. Any help is greatly appreciated.