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Jimmy D
10-08-2006, 12:03 PM
I have a room with four newish machines with 64bit processors and an hp laserjet 2300 printer. for a long time, only the computer directly connected to the printer (via LPT port) could print, any of other machines would error saying printer is not available... sometimes even the computer directly connected to the printer wouldn't be able to print because on all of the machines, the print spooler service would keep crashing or it seemed to only be 'half' working? i've tried reformatting each machine with no success.
All the computers were running the 32bit windows xp pro, they're all on a domain. recently i installed the trial version of xp pro 64bit on two of the four computers, and now the computer directly connected to the printer seems to print every time (has 64bit os), i had to install 64bit printer drivers. i also installed the 32bit drivers so that "any 32bit machine could print to that printer".

now, the computer with the 64bit os NOT directly connected to the printer doesnt print because of a different error, 'do not have permission' but i have set the permissions on host machines security tab to allow printing to the group i'm printing from... it also has this error from the 32bit os machines.

also, there is one other machine with a 64bit processor on the same network/domain with 32bit xp that also can't print to network printers. i'm lost as to what to do. i've come to the conclusion that the 64bit processors are the problem and when you put the 64bit OS on the machines it sort of fixes it but why is it denying access?

ANY thoughts on this would be appreciated.


10-08-2006, 01:06 PM
The 64/32 bit agonising is a red herring. There is absolutely no reason why the 32 bit windows systems couldn't network successfully, regardless of their processors. Your problem is conceivably worse, now, with having to cope with two sets of dvrs.

You have a network that is not set up properly. The Internet has a huge resource for help with networking, but this link below is an excellent one to save looking for hours


Check this site and let's know how you get on.

Jimmy D
10-08-2006, 01:40 PM
Hi linw, thanks for the feedback, perhaps you've misunderstood my situation. The only reason i installed the 64bit OS was as a trial to see if it would fix the problem, it has been an on going problem for a while now, ever since i've setup these four new machines. There is nothing wrong with the network to my knowledge, we have 5 servers running windows server 2003, from the look of that website it is to set up SOHO's. All of our computers here are connected to our domain.

If i'm logged on as admin and try to connect the printer i get a box asking for username and password, i've tried administrator and domain/administrator even a normal user but it can never connect the printer.. hence no printing. I can force the printer to be added in the logon script but when printing it says access denied..

10-08-2006, 06:01 PM
Hi, have you check the BIOS settings for the PC hosting the printer?, check the settings of the post in the BIOS.

Have you got workstation & server service running on this host pc, have you tried a different cable. Is USB available or better yet a print server.

What drivers are you using, the windows standard drivers or drivers from HP website?

Is the host pc on the same domain or are they workgrouped?

11-08-2006, 12:02 AM
OK, I have a better idea of your network now. But what I see is a client/server network with a peer-to-peer addon (for the printer access). So the site I sent you to is still relevant, in my opinion.

Your problem is clearly an authentication problem. Xp doesn't like your login so denies access to its resources, as it should.

Like SolMiester says, could it be hooked to a print server? This would be a sounder idea given your client/server setup.

But, quite frankly, I don't think this is really a great topic for a forum. Yours is obviously a serious system and you need to follow serious security/policy rules to ensure security and reliability. I don't know enough about your work, what privacy/security is appropriate etc etc to feel comfortable with giving advice. If you are the system admin perhaps a consultant should be called in to advise?

Good luck and hope this doesn't sound too pompous!

Jimmy D
11-08-2006, 11:20 AM
Hi guys. Yep i've checked the cable, I dont think 64bit xp is the answer so i'm gonna re-install the 32bit one, it makes compatibily a lot easier. sol this may sound stupid but what do you mean check the settings of the post in the bios? I'll try using usb instead of lpt. lol and thanks linw, no you dont sound too pompous! :thumbs: