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08-08-2006, 08:02 PM
Help me please... someone............

I keep getting a pop up box in both my browser while online and also while offline in anything I'm running. It tells me that I've got spyware on my computer and invites me to a webpage and then invites me to download a file to scan my system.

The webpage is //antispynet.com

Some other things associated with this are:

My default browser page (IE) is now set at about:blank and the page is an invitation to click to a site to remove spyware.

In Internet Options, I can not change the default setting, neither can I delete cookies, temp files etc.

My dialler does not allow me to disconnect by clicking on the disconnect button, nor allow me access to anywhere else through the pop up box.

I have been unable to restore my system to any other restore point.

I have scanned with a couple of spyware programme but to no avail.



Speedy Gonzales
08-08-2006, 08:11 PM
Get the file in my sig below.

And post the log here.

And get ccleaner (http://www.ccleaner.com/download/) install it untick the yahoo toolbar option. Run it, then click on run cleaner.

I would also get Spybot (http://www.spybot.info/en/download/index.html)

Download the file and the detection updates install both and scan. If u havent used Spybot yet.

08-08-2006, 10:32 PM
Thanks for your time Speedy, but I'm pretty sure I've fixed the problem now (fingers crossed).

For anyone else with the same problem, this is what I did.

My anti spyware programme highlighted but couldn't delete a smitfraud file.

I searched smitfraud and the following link showed me how to fix my problem:


08-08-2006, 10:43 PM
But if you know that you had that bit of Malware, it's a bit like having rats or mice in the house.

For every one you see, another 9 are still there, sight unseen.

I would post the log.

14-01-2007, 12:35 AM