View Full Version : notebook did not start

01-08-2006, 09:37 AM
yesterday morning, as usual, i got up and turned the notebook on, however, it did not turn itself on as usual this time.
-there was nothing on the screen
-power light was on and stay on
-no fault reported by the buzzer
-power supply is ok:power supply's green light was on and stayed on, also the voltage was ok as i measured
-hard drive did turn but only read data once, as a result the hard drive indicator only flick once then after a while, it seems the hard drive enter sort of power saving mode, then she is quiet.
-tried to turn it off, then on, nothing happen.
-maybe by luck after a few times, it came back alive and worked as usual.
-then for some reasons, i had to restart the computer, then problem resumed.
-also "slove" it by trying to turn it on and off.

i am so comfused what is going on inside??! -_-

i did changed the hard drive about half a year ago, so i thought about connection problem, however, if the hard drive is disconnected, screen shall still be on and the missing hard drive will be reported through the POST process, shouldn't it?!

thanks for your attention.