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31-07-2006, 09:44 AM
I really hate asking for help when it comes to the computer but after a long list of attempts to fix my computers problem on my own I haven't made any progress fixing or diagnosing the cause of the problem.

These are just some of the problems I encounter each time I use the computer. When the computer is first restarted it usually behaves normally other than reporting to me that windows has recovered from a serious error or one or another program might fail to start and windows will report to me something along the lines of "such and such <program.dll> could not be found\located\started". Most of the time It is simple to restart that program manually from the programs folder if windows fails to start it automatically.

After startup the computer seems to have no troubles until uptime reaches aprox. 2 hours. Then I begin to notice a tremendous drop in performance. Windows huffs and puffs over even the smallest tasks like starting up firefox. VOIP is distorted and choppy sounding. Essentially it is behaving as if there is far too little RAM for what applications ( background and foreground ) are running. When I check ram usage in task manager I seem to have plenty to be doing what I've asked the computer to do. 1gb total ram and 520 Free. Give or take this is usually the case.The only applications running all the time are my sw firewall ( Kerio ) and antivirus ( Bitdefender ). Hp printing software . and a antispyware ( spybot s&d ) . These few applications couldn't be responsible for the huge use in ram.
This is only the first wave of problems I encounter. By the fourth hour of computer up time. Windows icons begin loosing file association and I am reported to by windows that this is not a valid Windows img. When attempting to join a chat room using Yahoo! ( the first time, when you are giving an add first before you join ) . I am giving a IEXPLORER download box. "Are you sure you want to download this html file?" Also if I try to open a web page using IE it will not display a webpage I instruct it to go to it will ask me if I want to download it as an html file. Finally before I get so frustrated that I have to restart the last symptoms are a final :badpc: barrage of memory errors. "An instruction at this "<hex address>" could not be read. "Memsize different" ect. Also task manager will no longer launch because windows now says that it is not a valid windows image along with any other program I try to start. When I go to start > turn of computer > "I don't get the standard windows box with a yellow red and green button I got a windows box that will let me choose shutdown. restart or logoff from a drop down menu.

I have reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled the OS twice. I have upgraded ram. I have bought an installed a new hardrive and installed windows xp on that. I have spent hours looking over ethereal logs for suspicious activity. I disk booted on linux to forensically investigate the possibility of rootkit and other malicious ware that would be near impossible to find while running windows. I have done dozens upon dozens of web based virus scans, then sw scans, then scans from boot disks.

I am completely lost on the next step I should take. Is it time for me to just throw away this computer. Or does someone have some hope for me?

Any help is greatly appreciated. :badpc:

31-07-2006, 10:05 AM
Use this to test for ram problems:

Download the iso or whatever suits you, and burn it to cd/floppy.

I have read that you should actually run it through for a minimum of something like 4 hours (unless it gives you lots of errors in the first ~20 minutes)

Billy T
31-07-2006, 10:52 AM
This is right outside my experience, though I have experienced a RAM failure that memtest found ok, but I agree that it sounds like a memory problem.

Since you have apparently changed the memory "I have upgraded ram" it sounds like your computer has problems accerssing the full range of memory addresses, and that might be a motherboard fault.

It's just a guess, but what the heck, everything else you tried didn't work so there's not much else left to try.


Billy 8-{)