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25-07-2006, 09:26 AM
:waughh: I have recently got a new computer and it came with a Hauppauge TV Card. My problem is that I cant get it working and dont know anyone who knows how. I am not even sure that I have the enough cables plugged in. The TV card is there and installed. I have WinTV2000 software etc installed. I have an antenna plugged in. But I cannot scan and get any channels. I do not know what the settings should be regarding PAL etc so I have tried several combinations with no result. When I scan it just comes up with a blue screen, it looks like it is doing something but doesn't find any channels. My pc is a 3200+, 160Gb HDD, 1Gb RAM and I run WinXP-SP2 and have a broadband internet connection. Can anyone offer any advice? It sure would be greatly received. :D

25-07-2006, 09:33 AM
You can download the manual for it.
Its better to have an external aerial connected rather than the Rabbits ears type.

25-07-2006, 06:23 PM
Go to control Panel > regional/languages options and make sure everything is set to New Zealand.


25-07-2006, 07:31 PM
Do you know the exact model of the card?

What cables are plugged in? (where do the come from/go to)

By antenna, what do you mean? (bunny ears or actual antenna on the roof)

BTW welcome to PF1 :thumbs:

Speedy Gonzales
25-07-2006, 09:36 PM
Did the Winfast software come with this tuner??

Somehow I dont think so.

Isnt this software for Leadtek tuners? ie: The Deluxe/Expert tuners etc.

This maybe the reason why its crashing. The Winfast software wasnt made for the Hauppauge tuners.

25-07-2006, 10:06 PM
WinTV2000 is the name of the Hauppauge supplied software.


25-07-2006, 10:12 PM
Did the Winfast software come with this tuner??
Isnt this software for Leadtek tuners? ie: The Deluxe/Expert tuners etc. No, it is not Winfast, that is the Hauppauge name (WinTV) I have one of these TV Tuners and that is what came with it...

Speedy Gonzales
25-07-2006, 10:15 PM
Ah ok then. Sounds like u didnt install the drivers, if it cant find any channels.

Did you install the drivers then the program, or the other way round Ted?

And does the blue screen give u the name of a file / driver?

27-07-2006, 09:25 AM
Thanks for all your comments. I only have one cable that comes out of the card and goes to my bunny ears. I think I have a problem with the driver as in Device Manager it comes up with a yellow explanation mark and says that "the device cannot start (code 10)". I have tried to update the driver from the nvidia website but it doesn't change anything.

I am sorry but dont know the exact model of the card, I have a clear perspect case and there is a sticker on the card that says "model 6600 PCI-E 256MB TV-OUT DVI Ledgend NV6600P"?

The regional/languages option is set to NZ. I have got the install instructions and downloaded the manual for it but I think I have to correct this Device Manager some how? At least I am slowly getting down the list of possibilities of errors to hopefully the right one. Any advice on what I can do with the Device Manager error?

27-07-2006, 10:14 AM
That is the graphics card, and if you have connected the bunny ears to that, then it is not a surprise that you are not getting a signal, as the graphics card is not a TV Tuner.

And also, if this is the Hauppauge TV Tuner you are talking about you can not update it from the nVidia site as they are different manufacturers, nVidia don't even make TV Tuners...

28-07-2006, 08:22 AM
Opps sorry looked at the wrong card. :blush: I can see on it "PAL B/G-I- DK-SECAM 34519 REV 3189"? I went to the nVidia website to update the driver as that was a suggestion given to me. :confused:

28-07-2006, 03:03 PM
Ok, open the WinTV2000 application, go into the suite manager under the ment button, click the Auto Scan button, it will come up with a Tuner Scanning Setup box, what I do is select 'All Channels' under the Tuning mode, BG as Tuner format, and video format as PAL BGHIDK, BUT yours seems to be a SECAM, so select this to start with... now click start...

What happens, do you get anything? You could also try contact the store/place where you got it from and see if that is the right tuner for this contry, as I do not know if we use SECAM here...

What are you using to get the signal? (Bunny ears, Sky TV output, etc...)

HTH :thumbs:

02-08-2006, 08:24 AM
Yippee :)
Sweep offered to come around and have a look at it for me since we live in the same town, and fixed it!!! Corrected the device error that was showing up and we even found a TV channel. I need better reception though, the bunny ears are just not going to do it. As a bonus he even set up the FM Radio. Thanks for all your help and comments and thanks again Sweep, I really appreciate it all. :D

02-08-2006, 03:39 PM
Congrads on getting the -ah hem &*&%- software operating. Anyone who has the card knows it can be seriously difficult.

Just in case you haven't found this site; it's the one to go to for any issues/downloads.


Also, if you want to try out a compatible PVR software where you can utilise an electronic programme guide (EPG) go to:

http://www.gbpvr.com/ -and it's Kiwi made
http://gbpvr.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Utility/EnhancedWebAdmin -excellent source
http://forums.gbpvr.com/ -you won't find a better moderator on the net than sub

02-08-2006, 04:35 PM
Anyone who has the card knows it can be seriously difficult. Nice, good to hear you got it sorted :)

I agree with that statement, it is a pain in the rear end :p

What exactly was the problem?