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24-07-2006, 10:33 PM
MOBO UPGRADE Yes !!! by necesity I have 2 get a new MOBO and would like to get spome ideas as to what is the best buy here in little old NZ First I thought that 939 would be the CPU end of it only now there is a 940 dulecore breathing down its neck. So I wondered if anyone has any bright ideas. I know some people will say how much do you wont 2 spend well...... I dont know middle of the road I think but my old one just did the dreaded "Blue screen" think and Im now reduced to the laptop at a modest 1,8gegs.
Has any one got some thoughts on the musts that a mobo has 2 have?

25-07-2006, 10:30 AM
This topic is all the rage at the moment. With the advent of Intel's Conroe Dual Core CPU, many users are contemplating the jump to the Conroe platform. The flipside to this is that in response to Intel's new offering, AMD CPU's are currently seeing a big drop in price... this is supposedly to keep AMD competitive with the Intel CPU's.

I have read on a few forums that a lot of people are considering a move to the AMD platform, based purely on price and reliability (when compared to Conroe that is.) Another factor here is that AMD have pledged to support the Socket 939 CPU platform for as long as there is a consumer market for it.

Conroe at this stage has not yet experienced a reasonable time of commercial user trial. Hence, the reason why most people are going to be waiting until the initial bugs are sorted out after the Conroe release. This will obviously give hardware vendors the opportunity to patch any holes there may be initially.

As for your motherboard specs:

CPU: Well this is obviously personal preference... Intel or AMD, Conroe is obviously a viable option come August but AMD's new AM2 socket is also up for grabs. Only time will tell as to which one provides a better performance/bang for buck ratio.

CHIPSET: I'm not too sure as to what's available here but some of the one's available out there are the ATi Radeon Xpress 200, nVidia nForce 4 and there is an nForce 5 as well apparently. On the Intel side there is the Intel 975X +Intel ICH7R (high end though.. so could be pricey). Depending on the platform you choose you may be limited in choice as to chipset. Conversely if you want a particular chipset you may have to choose a CPU platform that is not your preferred one. Best advice here is to determine what you need and base your choice on that combined with the performance of the chipset you are looking at. As always you may find yourself having to compromise.

RAM: DDR2 is definitely where you want to be with RAM, they provide higher speeds than the DDR RAM. If you're wanting to go AMD here you will have to wait for the AM2 CPU to come out as the older socket offerings from AMD do not support DDR2.

GRAPHICS CARD: Pretty straight forward here... you want to go with a card based on the PCI-E bus. As to which type of GPU, well again personal preference is the key here. I personally am an ATi fan but it will be interesting to see what happens in the future in terms of GPU development. One of the key factors here is DX10 support when Windows Vista is released, however both nVidia and ATi have announce that their future cards will support DX10. I think there are cards currently available from both vendors which supoprt DX10, not sure which models though.

STORAGE: At least 4 SATA or SATA II compatible ports. This coupled with the traditional ATA 100/133 IDE connectors will provide adequate facilitation of your storage needs.

PORTS: Firewire, USB are a must here. How many you need is entirely up to you. Most modern motherboards come with between 6 to 10 USB ports or at least provide for expansion of up to 10 USB ports. Of course added to this you will have your usual serial and parallel ports as well as your network adapter's RJ45 port.

Hope that helps a bit... they key to all this is research... check what's available and see what suits your needs and budget!!!



25-07-2006, 12:47 PM
Hi chiefnz,

Congratulations on your post. Readable and informative. At the current state of the market I think you are right on the money.

25-07-2006, 01:18 PM
Thanks Sweep, it just so happens I'm contemplating a system upgrade myself.

I've been researching a few things here and there.

Not exactly sticky material but I do hope it will help some of the other PF1ers out there.



25-07-2006, 01:31 PM
Hi guys, my mobo is 2 yrs old 939, so with AMD price drops, I'm going after the dual core 939 chip, what a bargin from $285 for the x2 3800. Might get another Gb of RAM too. Will wait on Graphic card front for now.

Still be good until Vista comes finally then we can see what is required for the new o/s.

Apparently it is as cruel as games on hardware....lol. Of course there are no DX10 graphics cards yet.