View Full Version : Seriouse problem!!!

24-07-2006, 06:12 AM
hello there i curently have a advent 3112 running xp home edition,
and i cant do anything on it...nothink will load and all i get is a screen with aload of numbers and NTLDR is compressed press ctrl alt del to restart,
i do this and nothink hapends at all...
i have NO xp disc but i have a recovery disc which when i use this disc it goes threw the recovery but when finnished still no luck..

i really hope somone can help and i made sense.. :(

24-07-2006, 09:34 AM
Sounds like you mean 'NTLDR is missing'. It could be your mother board is on it's way out, or possibly happens if you make a lot of changes like adding/removing progs/hardware all at one time. The NTLDR file gets moved or deleted and Windows can't find it.

makes life hard if you haven't got an XP disc (the easiest way is to do a repair install of Windows)

You can get copies of the NTLDR files off the net and copy them from a CD or floppy, but it often doesn't work and the only way I know how is to do it by booting from the XP disc and reinstalling the NTLDR files.

It might work though if you can 'borrow' an XP disc and boot from that.

Try doing a search on Google for NTLDR or the actual files needed: i386NTLDR i386NTDETECT