View Full Version : Rundll.32 & HL, TFC, CS

29-12-2000, 11:23 PM
Hi good people,
My PC has devoleped a annoying quirk..

Whenever I go to the Display Properties I get a message saying Rundll.32 has stuffed up, I click Ignore 4 times and it goes away, every time. ???

As to Half Life and mods I frequentaly get a simaliar message, not all the time, but quite often, again if I click Ignore 4 times it carrys on as if nothing is wrong.

What is Rundll.32 to do with?

Could both prob's be connected?

Its not a major, just another 4 clicks of the mouse. But I would like to know why or what is the cause.

Cheers guys and girls.


By the way..If your going to be drinking on New Years, keep it away from the keyboard, gone thru 3 this year so far. :)