View Full Version : Child's game: DirectX

27-12-2000, 06:53 PM
I'm an unskilled operator of a Pentium 233MHZ HP Pavilion machine.
After 2 years, I still don't computer speak so am frustrated at an inability to get my son's Xmas present to run...an Action Man CD from Hasbro.
I have attempted to address the problem by downloading the latest DirectX [version 8] as the upgrade that came with the game had missing files...but I still can't get it to run!
There is now a 'problem getting extra sound info, result code=0x8878000a[direct sound resources already in use by another caller]
File vfwwdm32.dll is incorrectly installed in the windows folder and mciqtz.drw and quartz.vxd are beta versions!
It is all too much for me really.
can anyone help make the santa gift something that doesn't foul my system forever?