View Full Version : Floppy disk Error 40

27-12-2000, 03:55 PM
I have put a FYI VIA MVP3 motherboard with an AMD K6 II 3D 333 CPU (have been together for 18 mths)and this was put into another case with a different 5 GB hard drive running WIN 98. Initially we had no problems but then on startup we now get Floppy Disk Error 40. I have checked the cables are on correctly (Light runs all the time otherwise), the cables are on tightly, pins are not bent, BIOS says that it is a 1.22MB drive. I have even replaced both the cable and drive together and separately. If I F1 as suggested it continues to load the computer and show A drive under my computer but the computer hangs for some time if you click on A:. It gives a message of the drive not being ready. The only time the light comes on is very quickly initially but does not come on again. The last time I had this problem I just replaced the cable and it was fixed. Please help. Thanks