View Full Version : address query -re msn list on side of Outlook Express window

effie c
11-07-2006, 12:41 PM
I have, and use msn, and with it is the adjacent list showing icons with a name attached that is red as in offline- which normally turns green when the contact is online.- when I click "sign in" for a split second an address that is NOT in my address book shows, then disappears to my normal off/on line list.
It shows and goes so quickly that I cannot click on it, --I have done a search in my address book for --- au(z)cars are my life too-----
I ran a google and nothing comes up -is this a trojan and if so how do I remove it.
I run, at least once a week --Ad Aware,Spybot, antivirus scan -none brings up this .
Can anydody enlighten me-This has been popping up and disappearing now for well over a week
effie c