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07-07-2006, 12:02 AM
Hi there i have an issue with video stuttering.

I have computer which came with integrated 8mb video (intel ca810e mb), and i "upgraded" to a 64mb pci geforce mx 4000 (i know not the best card, but my mb only takes pci not pci-e).

with this new video card i found i could play games like battlefield 1942 etc.

The card runs the games fine and they all work well, however when watching videos (a good example is the intro video for 1942) the video stutters. If i turn the sound off the video doesnt stutter.

So i bought what i thought was a better soundcard (a genius soundmaker 5.1) and installed this in a pci slot...this didnt help the situation at all. My onboard sound is a creative soundblaster pci a97..is this actually better than the genius one for performance?

Any ideas how i can stop it from stuttering? (i have disabled onboard graphics and sound).

I also have a usb card, and a d link wireless network card on the pci bus.

so on the pci

1 X Nvidea MX 4000 64mb pci video card
1 X Genius Soundmaker 5.1 sound card (in device manager cmi8738/c3dx pci audio device)
1 X D link airplus dwl 520 wireless lan card
1 X via usb 2.0 card

The stuff which has been disabled is a

* intel 82810e graphics controller
* creative labs soundblaster pci a97 audio device

So any idea how i can stop this stuttering? In the occasional game stutter it seems to be when a lot of sound is going on...

my computer stats:

933mhz p3, with 256kb on die l2
256mb sd ram (512mb arriving in the next few days)
windows xp pro sp2

07-07-2006, 03:08 PM
You already had this answered in GPs forum.

Wait for your RAM and see if it helps, otherwise what they said is right.