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05-07-2006, 04:49 PM
Hi I'm having problems with my computer as in which it will randomly freeze during game play. The computer will freeze on the frame, if any other programs are in the background such as winamp, the music will also stop. The computer will only freeze if it is runing games which heaviely requires the use of graphic card.
ei: doom 3, oblivion etc.
The computer doesn't always freeze but if it does, the only way to revive is to actaully reboot.
Also freezes on other programs which requires use of graphic card such as google earth. The freezing generlly happens around 5-15 min after the program/game begains. Now I've mentioned this problem quite a few times to friends and I'm pretty sure it's nothing to do with computer viruses or any part of the software side of it. Could this be a problem to do with power supply or even graphic card. or Could it be problem with the software. Please help! The computer I use is:
1 and half years old
AMD 3000+, 1.5GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 6600

05-07-2006, 09:51 PM
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This could be caused by a few different things, but often freezes or lockup's can be attributed to RAM issues.

What wattage/brand is your PSU?

05-07-2006, 09:58 PM
whats the case temps, video card temp, hardrive temp and cpu temp ?