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05-07-2006, 11:22 AM
I've recently bought a Nikon D200 and freely admit I'm still finding my way around it, and I also bought Photoshop CS2 as a step up from Elements. I've used earlier versions of Photoshop before without any trouble, but I had a bit of bother last week with some photos I'd taken and saved to my hard drive. From what I recall, I didn't do anything differently - I opened the photos from the memory card, resized them, etc and saved-as under different file names onto my hard drive. As far as I know, I hadn't changed any settings on the camera either, but a few days later when I went to open the saved photos, instead of a thumbnail, all that was showing was a white icon with the Photoshop logo on it, and when I tried opening them it said something about not being able to as it didn't know what application made the file.

I used Rescue Pro to recover the deleted images off the memory card, but when I saved them to my hard drive, they were showing as RAW0001 etc whereas they usually show DCM0001 or something similar. I tried save-as and named them as I normally do ( etc) but again it showed up as the icon rather than a thumbnail, and it wouldn't open. If I tried saving it as 'snow1' etc, it worked fine, and if I then renamed it from snow1 to it was also fine! I looked at the manual and it talked about opening files in RAW but I couldn't figure out how that worked, and besides, they shouldn't have been RAW files (the camera is showing FINE, not RAW) in the first place.

Unfortunately I don't really know anyone who uses the software so excuse me if it's a minor thing I've done wrong. I'd like to know how to avoid it happening in the future as I am in the habit of saving photos then erasing the disk because I've never before come across a problem like this with saved files.

05-07-2006, 11:28 AM
Theres probably an easier way but....
how about saving the photos in their original file name to your hard drive and then use the batch convert feature in Photoshop to rename them to your folder of choice.

05-07-2006, 11:38 AM
I'll try that next time, lazydog - if it works, I don't care whether it's easier or not! The odd thing is, I took two shots of our cats and I could open one of them later but not the other one - both were taken at the same time and saved at the same time and the only difference between the two was I used a fullstop between the words in one of the file names. I wondered if it was something to do with putting fullstops in the file names - like in Word you can't use / in file names. I hunted in the manual for anything about this but couldn't find anything.

05-07-2006, 11:39 AM
What format and name are you saving/naming as when it goes wrong?

You'll possibly find more people that can afford both D200 and CS2 on this forum
Have you updated CS2?

05-07-2006, 11:55 AM
Paul, I am saving in a date-type format as I do for the majority of my photos - if I take five shots today, they would be, etc.

Was that a dig about the price of my gear? (I am studying at present and got the academic version of Photoshop so it was significantly cheaper.) I would have thought many members of this forum would not only have this software and possibly a decent digital camera too, but perhaps they have spent it all on high tech computer equipment instead? :D

05-07-2006, 12:11 PM
And yes, I did update it as soon as I installed it. On dial-up (I now have broadband, hallelujah) it took about nine hours...

05-07-2006, 12:12 PM
You haven't given the file names that a. worked b. didn't work.
When you say "I took two shots of our cats and I could open one of them later but not the other one - both were taken at the same time and saved at the same time and the only difference between the two was I used a fullstop between the words in one of the file names." that doesn't seem like a ", etc" causing a problem.
Was it something like fluffy.cat.psd being seen as a .cat file?

The dig (more a gentle poke) was more that there are other friendly forums around especially for photo enthusiasts.

05-07-2006, 01:36 PM
when you rename a photo - do you remember to put back the extension - example - 0001.jpg - renamed as 0001? then windows don't know what it is. also - what you should be doing is - use a card reader & copy & past the photos into a folder. forget renaming them - what if you had 500 photos & forget resizing them - you'll lose quality. just get them all in the pc, then select the few you want to play with. 'fine' & 'raw' are 2 different things. raw is a format - just use jpg. fine is part of the quality setting. this camera is not one for the squeamish - go to a night class & learn the basics - it'll help. i teach night classes - beginners & advanced digital - so this advice is not from a know it all. i use dslrs for work & fun - nikons & canons. i had one of the first kodak/nkon dslrs - $40,000 a few years ago!

05-07-2006, 05:09 PM
Thanks everyone, the two photos referred to were called (don't laugh!) smooch147 and smooch.flash.chair - and both had the option to save as JPEG, which I did. I'm not exactly a novice, I've been a photographer for more than seven years, it's just finding my way around the menu of the D200 is a lot more advanced than the semi-pro digital I had prior to upgrading. I use a Nikon F5 film camera so I do have a few clues about it! I do play with most of my photos and a lot are taken for clients so that is why I usually download them off the memory card (using a card reader) and save the decent ones as I go, deleting the rest, as I then copy them to CD with an index to what each photo is of - eg Newtown New World manager...

I have a couple of 1GB cards but I can fill them pretty quickly - each job is at least 100 photos and I often do two jobs in a day. I usually shoot in FINE rather than RAW as I don't need the extra quality for most print jobs.

I'd love to go to night classes to learn more about the camera but I live in Levin... I went along to the local camera club last week and the average age was post-retirement and the majority of them are using film only and view digital as the work of the devil! (Slight exaggeration, but only just.) I was told by the vice-president, after telling her I used to belong to the Wellington Photographic Society, that I wouldn't get "that level of expertise here". Not much incentive to stick around.

I posted it in this forum because I think of anything that goes wrong with things on my computer as a computer problem and as I've had oodles of help from many very switched on members here before, I tend to think of asking them for help before anyone else. Hell, they all came to my rescue when I couldn't get my computer case open to install the Ethernet card!

05-07-2006, 05:17 PM
I have a Nikon D70 for a few yrs now.

If you are to insert the CF mem card into a reader in your computer, Nikon Transfer should pop up asking if you would like to download these images onto your computer.

For me I have Nikon View and Nikon Capture installed. I believe you only need NV for it to work as NC is not a free software.

Regarding Photoshop I have CS 2 as well. When you open the file and then click save, it saves it as JPG if you used JPG in the camera and you can open it in IE browser. If you used RAW format and use PCS2 to open it, a RAW utility dialog box will pop up, if you click save button on the bottom of that it will save it as DNG format - digital negative. I presume for this it can be opened with PS only. If instead you shot RAW format and chose open at that dialog box it will open up in PS main window and if you choose save as, it will save it as JPG as default but you can choose others like TIF or RAW etc etc. You need to find out what format it is, what is the file extension it is saved as???

As for the best way to save a SLR file, its best to leave it as NEF raw or JPG from the condition it was at the camera. You never want to touch any graphic software becos that will be a conversion. You copy the file straight to the HDD and then burn a CD or DVD, that is now the original file as it came out of the camera. Then you can edit as you desire ..... If you did use NEF you will want to preserve that becos if you convert it, you will lose the ability to alter white balance, exposure etc etc ....

For the prices, I get stuff like these oveseas :D If you want a photog bum reply, the D200 is a nice camera for the adv amateur, it is something of a poor man's D2x, its faster AF but not as good as the D2's and better viewfinder. They are useful if you do landscapes or portraits and need detail and large prints, but having said that people who had a D100 or D70 had been v happy printing up to A3 interpolated up. So I say the build, the AF and mirror lock up feature is the selling point and the viewfinder for some.

I been planning some travel, what I have found now is for backpacking style a SLR is bulky, I have a F100 as well (film) but its heavy, its somewhat similar to the D200, the F100 is weighed at 780g excl. battery and film with a lens that I have comes to 1.2kg. I been using my bro's entry Canon film EOS body and it is so much lighter, if I had Canon lenses I would of took his body, its just 345g for that body. The more I have looked into photog, I get an appreciation of why that seasoned pple used the manual focus camera bodies and not to mention the expensive manual focus Leica rangefinders .. drool ........ Pop in some professional slide film, use a professional lab then the camera becomes the least important variable with its with a great prime (non zoom) lens. While the Leica's are 550g they are much more compact so they are pocketable. So at the mo, I am thinking if to get a F55 film body or just take the F100 or skip them all and just take my Canon A510 :stare: Apart from that I have my backpack down to 6kg :D Well, the Leica film point and shoot is not bad with aperture priority and exposure compensation all at a 300g weight and a fixed 40mm lens at f.2.4 (!) :blush: I am eyeing the Leica Rangefinde as well as I like a wide and a 2x lens as well (about a 70 or 90mm) but the prices even on the used market, but its said to be german handmade cameras :blush:


05-07-2006, 05:23 PM
Alternatively hook up the USB to the cam or the CF card to the mem card reader. Open My Computer and browse it, it will pop up as a removable hard drive. You can then copy and paste to anywhere on your own HDD in your computer.

If you saved as JPG, 2x click it and it will open up in IE browser.

If you saved as RAW that will open as in your Nikon software or in PSC2 dependent how your default software is set up.

05-07-2006, 05:29 PM
Yes, the D200 is nice, it will do me because I am not prepared to pay the price currently asked for the D2X - also, the D2X is so bulky and heavy it would be like using the F5 - over a kilo! I did a test of an Olympus AZ1 for D-Photo and thought it was fantastic - light, and the quality was excellent, I'd be quite happy with one of those to carry around with me everywhere.

I think I will be taking everyone's advice and just saving the original files into a folder then saving copies to play with so I never lose anything. It's never happened to me before, so it's not something I ever worried about until now. The RAW dialog box in CS2 never opened, and I certainly didn't shoot the photos in RAW, so I am still at a loss to know what happened there. When I had saved them (following all the steps I normally do, like changing the image size, etc and then saving as a maximum file size) there was nothing to indicate they had not been saved as JPEG (and when I went through it all again to ensure I had done it all right, the same thing happened) - it was just when I went to open them again, there was no thumbnail and it said the file type was 'file1' (from memory).

I clicked on the 'take no action' box of that intial screen when it first came up - because I usually open Photoshop first and then open the images off the card.

05-07-2006, 05:37 PM
Regarding the RAW dialog box that will only pop open if you are to open a RAW file from Photoshop - File - Open (the menu). If you do not see it then you need to update PS CS2, the D200 may be more recent than PS CS2. Go to adobe.com and go to PS then updates. Its a few MB in size.

How pple should tackle files with dSLRs is to save the original file on the HDD then play around with them. Its not the typical approach to open PS first and then open the original files straight off PS.

Have you installed the software that came with the camera? I like Nikon View which can be downloaded off the net and its free. It may of been included with Nikon Picture Project.

If you install one of those it may be able to streamline your process easier, that when you hook up the cam or place mem card in reader Nikon Transfer will pop up .. it will open the files in a unaltered state to the HDD and provide a unique folder each time you do it. Then you can play around with it .....

Regarding the error you are getting, its a bit bizzarre. All the dumb cam does is really copy the file to the HDD then open it, and PS saves it as any format and then that any format should be able to opened up in PS, not all formats can be opened with IE. Be it if you download onto PC or browse via its removable HDD via My Computer or even if you went straight to PS and click open and browse to G drive (or whereever it maybe) and open that file...... All I could think of is a window issue that maybe PS trying to do something and the camera tying to something and some kind of conflict.

Graham L
05-07-2006, 06:06 PM
Have you been making filenames like "" ?

Not a Good Idea in Windows. Real operating systems don't use the "." for anything ... it's just another character. In DOS, it's a separator. The part of the name before the "." is the name, and the bit after it is the extension, which the system looks at to know what sort of file it is. If there is more than one '.' in the filename, but it seems to take the last bit of the thing as the filetype. This might explain how renaming worked for you. You probably have hidden extensions ... "snow1" was actually "snow1.jpg" (e.g.), and renaming it carried over the correct extension. If you "saved as", the system took the last "something" you types as the extension.

That's why it doesn't know what application produced the files. It doesn't know about filetypes of "4" or "8".

I'd use "_" rather than the "." . You'll find it behaves much better.

05-07-2006, 08:51 PM
I concur with Graham.

I tried Photoshop CS2 on my computer and I got the same error. Do not use fullstop in your filename. Adobe does not warn users, in other words they do not say "sorry, please use a different filename without the fullstops". It simply just saves the file and lets you via, then at a later stage you find that you can't open the files :dogeye:

This is what I did.
I opened up PS CS2. Then I opened up a JPG file. Then I saved the file as 1.1.jpg. I closed the file and tried to reopen it, Adobe will not open it saying cannot complete request because its not the right kind of document. I tried to open the file in Windows Explorer - again cannot. I looked at the filename and instead of 1.1.jpg it has been saved as 1.1 with no extension.

There was nothing wrong with your workflow, just do not use fullstops, I have always used underscore.

Via anywhere like My Computer or Windows Explorer if you right click and rename the file to like 1.jpg. The file will be saved and can function.

Yes if you choose properties the file will be defined as "1 file" for type of file. Opens with "Uknown application".


05-07-2006, 10:27 PM
i've had digicams for about 10 yrs - never transferred photos like this. simply copy & paste. make copies to the other pc, then the ext hd, then start playing around. renaming each photo? never. rename a folder? - yes everytime.
am teaching a lot of elderly & non-computer people digicam basics - kiss

05-07-2006, 11:47 PM
If you want to keep the files and folders in date order use;

2006-07-05 for the folder then 2006-07-05-001.jpg 2006-07-05-002.jpg etc.

This will allow you to easily keep track in date order.