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02-07-2006, 07:09 PM
Is it possible to build a Gaming rig, in a Media Centre PC Case etc?.........and what specifications are possible......obviously AMD though :D

02-07-2006, 07:35 PM
I am going to guess you mean the small cases?

The short answer... yes BUT if you have some powerfull hardware, you WILL NEED good cooling and for what I have heard these such cases do not provide the nessesary cooling, and their small size limits the hardware IE no 7900GTX unless you mod the case to allow it to fit.

02-07-2006, 07:41 PM
There are some mint Shuttle pc's out there, but they are quite expensive.

02-07-2006, 07:42 PM
Obviuously, I won't fit a 7900GTX, but maybe a 6600GT/6800GS or a 7600GT :D

02-07-2006, 07:44 PM
There are some mint Shuttle pc's out there, but they are quite expensive.

Not a Shuttle XPX, but a HTPC Desktop case is what it is :D!

02-07-2006, 09:38 PM
You would probably need water cooling to get really good graphics in a small case. You can get a shuttle barebones kit for around $600 - $800 that has a water cooling system in it (this also includes a built-in motherboard). You can always add water cooling to another case as well but in a small case space may be too limited.

03-07-2006, 12:27 AM
If you have a 120mm intake fan,a 120mm outtake fan and a psu that has a 120mm fan you you should be fine.

You can allways take the case sides off to let more air in.

A good cpu hsf will make a difference as well.(Zalman are really good).

You can change the hsf on the graphic card as well,Zalman again.

I use Zalman on my graphics card and on my cpu and its all good. :) Less noise,less heat. :D

No need for water cooling,its a really big hassle,moving your case to a lan or around the house plus $$$ and if a tube breaks/disconets,$$$ there goes your computer :eek: .

03-07-2006, 12:17 PM
Thanks for your replies.........so cooling is the way? :D

03-07-2006, 03:48 PM
I think those HTPC cases require low profile graphic cards.....Dont quote me though!

04-07-2006, 03:43 AM
Yeah,you will need good cooling as being a small case everything is closer together and the heat from the harddrives,video card,cpu, etc all bild up and you want to get the heat out of the case.

I would recommend a fan controller as well.You can get them in two sizes to go in the floppy bay slot or the cd/dvd slot.

You could add a slot fan to help with the heat from the graphic card.

(Antec,vcool,brings fresh air to your graphics card with Vcool the extendible 3-speed intake fan that can keep your graphics card 5 to 15C cooler for maximum performance. Its external 3-speed switch makes it easy to adjust the fan speed: High for gamers, medium for regular users and low speed for quiet computing).Just ask your computer shop to get it for you,if you want it. :2cents:

Measure the height of your graphic card when its installed in your motherboard and then find out the size of the intended case,you may have to add the graphic card into the motherboard after installing your other componets.(What I mean is it might be a bit of a juggle around in order to get things in there,take things out,put things in,re-route cables etc,while I think about cables I highly recommend a moddular psu,very good in a small case only add cables to the psu that you need,less clutter,more space,neater/tidy job.First check that the case will take a regular size atx psu as some small case's will only take a matx psu(micro atx power supply).

Make sure your harddrives get some cooling as well,either with the intake fan or jury rigging a fan in the case to blow on them, or at the vey least make sure there is a bit of space between them for the heat produced from them to escape and not heat each other up.If you had a mid/tower atx case you might get away without having a fan on them as you would have more space between all the compoents in the case that produce heat but as you are using a small case everthing is closer together and the heat from each heat producing product will effect each other product (video card,cpu,hardrive etc) because everything is just crambed in there and there is not that much space and they are all close together and you need to get rid of that heat.

I know this as I have built a small form factor micro atx case myself and have had these problems,so I hope this helps. :)

I ended up going to a micro atx tower for the better cooling.120mm front case fan for the harddrives,80mm fan on the side of the case for the graphics card and a 92mm fan at the back of the case for the cpu and I have a 120mm fan moddular psu as well to help out with the cooling and being tidy.And a fan controller in the floppy bay slot,with all fans turned down low for the internet ect., and when gaming turn them up a bit for more cooling.Very quiet and cool. :D

So to sum it up:
can you get your graphic card/sound card,full height cards in there,
will the case take a normale atx psu. (moddular :) ).

Good luck :)

04-07-2006, 08:31 PM
Why do some of the HTPC's around have a Pentium D processor, & what specifications should my AMD HTPC have?.......i.e. a parts list I need to consider :D

05-07-2006, 11:36 AM
No replies.........:(

Come on people.........;)

05-07-2006, 12:01 PM
Are you asking us for reccomendations? if so we NEED that to know your budget for what spec to suggest, like I used the 7900GTX as an example earlier, they are ~$1000 and unless you have a huge budget and want THE BEST, that suggestion is useless...

CPU, MOBO, GFX Card, Case PSU, HDD, CD/DVDRW, RAM are all the parts you should need.

Can you link to the Case you want?

05-07-2006, 12:26 PM
My budget is limited.........I've seen overseas websites with HTPC that are very cheap (Student/Home made) and run very well..........so therfore wanting AMD on the mid-budget scale.....i.e. Socket 939 AMD.......and thus if I wanted to, I could later upgrade to Athlon X2 3800+ if required :D!

P.S. Check out my desktop on my sig.........Is that cool or what :D ?

05-07-2006, 12:46 PM
Also, if I decide to go with a 7600, Do I have to go with the 7600GS sliencer, or is it possible to fit a 7600gt in there?

05-07-2006, 04:29 PM
Ok, Athlon 64 3500+ $213
As far as I have seen the GT is no bigger than the GS... so you should...
7600GS $209
7600GT $333
2x 512MB @ $68 = $136
Asustek A8N-SLI nForce4 SLI $170.

Total $728 (GS)
$852 (GT)

they are prices straight from Pricespy, so expect more to buy from reputable firms...

All you need to decide is HDD size, What DVD/CD RW.

By the way, the link is bad... the requested URL Could not be retrieved...

05-07-2006, 06:22 PM
The link works for me.....give it a try again........and thanks for the reply :) ....... should I instead go for a 3200+ as it suits my budget?, and the reason for the 7600 silencer is becuase of the heat etc in the case.....

05-07-2006, 06:23 PM
ALSO: No one answered my question about why Pentium D's are more commonly used in HTPC's?

05-07-2006, 08:01 PM
Ok, what ever suits your budget, I just thought mid range...

Oh, do you mean aftermarket HSF? they are 2 slot, what is the exact case you are looking at? that will give a better idea of space...

Nope, don't work...

Not sure, price maybe... Contracts...