View Full Version : Vista took over my NIC!!!

02-07-2006, 03:32 PM
I've just installed Vista beta 2 on a seperate hard drive to keep my WinXP install clean, and it works wonderfully, only the SB drivers aren't available and my HP printer doesn't work yet. I can connect to the internet through Vista, but when I switch back to WinXP it tells me that a network cable is unplugged? Reset the modem, took out and placed the cable back in, uninstalled reinstalled the NIC and nothing fixed it.
Did "ipconfig" and it tells me that the "media is disconnected" and gives me no details about the NIC.
Now this is a new one on me, so I was wondering if anyone had any clues as to why I can connect to the internet via Vista fine yet XP doesn't even register that I have onboard LAN.
Device manager does see the card by the way, and I have set the IP and DNS for my connection with Telstra.

Any help would be appreciated otherwise Vista will have to go. (Well disconnect the drive but a hassle never the less.)


David Gould

02-07-2006, 04:15 PM
Seems I may have solved my own problem, went to Microsoft website and someone has exactly the same problem with the same hardware. Basically I have to update the drivers for the NIC via the brand website as opposed to the motherboard website.

So hopefully that helps someone. Don't always trust the mobo updates.