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30-06-2006, 05:21 PM
First time logging question on PressF1.

Anyway the problem is my friend having very slow connection to www.trademe.co.nz. It takes more then 5hours to get the index page. Also it will take the same amount of time to go to any link provided within trademe. She is using dial up and every other sites works perfectly with out any cache. Problem happenned for about 3 days now. Look like there was some problem with trademe but got a message from trademe saying everything is fine there.

- Windows XP SP2
- IE 6
- Connection thru Maxnet Dialup
- Dialing from 03 438xxxx area

Trouble shoots
- Removing all saved data. (Cookies, files)

- Change all IE settings to default.

- ping www.trademe.co.nz
Reply from... and was successful with no packet lost.

- tracert www.trademe.co.nz
1 eth5-0-19.ar04.atl1.maxnet.net.nz[]
3 request timed out
4 request timed out
5 request timed out
6 a12-3-23.u21.tar.telstraclear.net []
7 clear-ba1-atm1.wix.net.nz []
8 g9-0945.u22.tce.telstraclear.net []
10 www.trademe.co.nz
(This is the one that I got from my friend. She can get to the end in reasonable time)

- Nobody who uses maxnet have no problem with trademe.

- Tried to get firefox and she cannot go to www.mozilla.com :mad: (same as trademe)

Any idea on this kind of issue?

Suggestion on any other browser that uses other architecture than IE?

Thanks alot! Stephen Kim

30-06-2006, 05:26 PM
Run a spyware / virus scanner on the PC. The fact you can ping and tracert it indicate that the problem isn't network or connection related.

30-06-2006, 05:26 PM
Hi, could be a profile problem, try another user a/c, or create one for testing, try accessing the site, if okay, you then no the issue is with the profile.