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effie c
28-06-2006, 04:57 PM
I found myself unable to open and play a video sent by a conatct.
I did a google and found such (Google video player download)- downlaoded it - still no efective playing available
The program has left an Icon on the desk top and clicking on it will open it but that is all
any advice please?
effie c

28-06-2006, 05:02 PM
The extension on the downloaded file..can you see what it is?

Is it in a zipped format or .gvi ? If it's not a version that GVid recognizes (.gvi only), it won't play at all.

Actually, gvid is pretty foolproof, and I would be amazed to see that it isn't a crossed extension problem.

It would probably be better if you had the other person just send you the link and play it yourself on your GVid player.

effie c
28-06-2006, 05:27 PM
Hi, Surfer Joe,
I cannot find even the download in "downloads" ( d drive) where it was sent to -it started of going to C drive and I changed it but except for the desktop icon,and Start>programs>Google Video----that is all I can see.
It does show in "ad remove"
Should I not have changed the destination?-- I have done just that on all my downloads with no ill effect.
effie c--a.k.a Ed

Graham L
28-06-2006, 05:33 PM
Right click on the icon, and look at Properties. That should tell you the name of the file, and the path to it.

effie c
28-06-2006, 05:45 PM
Hi Graham L ,
I right clicked - the only " file name" that I can see is mscvp and a few dll files- certainly nothing in properties--or am I more senile than I thought? :groan:
effie c

effie c
28-06-2006, 06:15 PM
I uninstalled and tried a different site - downloaded it again - saw the Icon on the desk top but at bottom right a pop up said "access denied according to my list"-- O K what list ?? - where do I find that list - this may be the cause of my problem
effie c

effie c
28-06-2006, 09:03 PM
I cleaned out all files connected with Google video player and redownloaded the file- I got as far as clicking finish -final install and a pop up shows bottom right "registry change denied"- this has happened before- how can I change that
effe c

29-06-2006, 03:48 AM
What browser are you using to dnld the file? I bet it isn't Firefox..right?

If you have permissions (as in "Administrator"), then you should not be having troubles getting GVid onto/into your system.

Remember that Firefox wiil send the downloads to the desktop as a default, but you can browse it to another area (I use "FF Dnlds Here") that you can set up in preferences in Firefox. Use the toolbar in Firefox and click >>TOOLS>>OPTIONS>>DOWNLOAD ICON, and browse and set up a seperate area for the downloads, making it very easy to find them in the future.

BTW: Firefox will only allow you to save an executable file to your disk somewhere..it allows you to right click the download after you receive it and scan it for viruses before you open it that way, protection on another layer that you need in this world unfortunately.

effie c
29-06-2006, 12:00 PM
Hi Surfer Joe,
short of downloading and installing Firefox- with which some time ago, I had had problems, so am a little concerned about unnecessarily using it--

A friend e mailed me his succesful files of Google Player that he used from his pooter- they had exactly the same info as had the 3 different site downloads I tried yesterday ( 40 mb space used in that trying :)

This e mailed version did (from my mate) what all the other downloads did- ie installed the icon on the desk top, and it shows in"add /remove"- so it is installed in my pooter.

I can get the player window on my screen,but the slide ( start ,volume etc) are in shadow.

Non the less I re opened the original e mail that came in (with the Google window still in place)-same result--- a black screen and no where to go as to start etc.

I did a systems restore back 2 weeks this morning- no effect.
One thing a window came up in --Spanish asking me whether to carry on or what ever- I clicked "si" and it went away - so where that came from I know not.

Now what?
as far as I can determine the downloaded file showed it to be a "dmg" type-
I am completely baffled-- all other movie mediums, sic windows Media v 10 work
:help: :help:
effie c

29-06-2006, 12:49 PM
Time to get to the bottom of this:

One of the possibilities is that .dmg is a MacIntosh extension, which I am quite sure is ONLY openable with a MacIntosh computer. I personally do not know of an emulator for that file extension except the originating Mac-type computer.

Do you have a MacIntosh?

Please tell of the type system you have.

Here's a list of other places where that extension is used:

Macintosh OS X Disk Copy Disk Image File
Oracle Binary Format Dump File

dmg_auto_file %ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe /open %L
dmg_auto_file %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe %1
DMGFileImage %ProgramFiles%\Smart Projects\IsoBuster\IsoBuster.exe %1
dmg_auto_file %ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe /Open %L
dmg_auto_file %ProgramFiles%\WINZIP\winzip32.exe %1
IsoBuster.dmg %ProgramFiles%\Smart Projects\IsoBuster\IsoBuster.exe %1

I cannot imagine having trouble with Firefox, and you having said that, I am suspicious as to what you are running.

Firefox is the only (IMO) browser to use, and if you have troubles with it, then you might want to submit a logfile from HiJackThis.

I smell malware at least.

effie c
29-06-2006, 01:47 PM
Hi Surfer Joe,
Now that is interesting- when I opened the site - nothing happened so impatient as always I clicked "download"-this in a box to the right of the blank screen-as it started to download- I saw an arrow to another box that said Macintosh --I now asumed that the download I first ticked was related to Windows when by the look of it, not so--
O K could I have got that dmg file before I woke up to the error- if so how would I eliminate that?
I use w XP, with sp2 etc, Pentium 4 , 3.1 Cpu, 512 mb ddr ram ,Outlook express, Ad Aware,Spybot,and spyware blaster, for "housekeeping"
I use broadband with 1 gb space allowed,windows media v 10 .
I am just getting used to the thrill of BB speed ( I listen to music while online- this not available with dial up---I think that is all that could be relevant to you for an answer.

The site that started this is

Talk to me bones- perhaps you are getting some where
effie c

29-06-2006, 02:00 PM
I have that same video saved in my WMP..ain't it the greatest?

Anyway...I think I'd search and find files that end with .dmg for a start.

Then, look at the date/time of the attempted dnld and make sure you've got the right one, and drag it kicking and screaming to the recycle bin...

Then...let me see if I have the Windows dnld link...brb...

OK, here it is..... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3433507052114896375&q=lyrebird

Try it again.....

effie c
29-06-2006, 03:28 PM
found 10 ---dated back to May, some to do with Windows such as fonts (wingdings)
I tried to send them to you but "exported" to where, ?-- God only knows- re-did a search found them again but tippy toed out of trouble :)
Seriously none show these current dates
I tried to open your site and exactly the same thing happened - blank screen --- :angry
now what?
-- sorry to keep you from the beach - but do keep em comin folks :)

effie c

effie c
29-06-2006, 07:58 PM
Hi Surfer Joe, et al,

I bit the bullet and downloaded Firefox-AND, was told I could not proceed until I downloaded Macromedia - this I did and it WORKS !!! :thumbs:

I will carry on using Firefox at least for a while- but I bet The lack of macro media was my trouble
Thanks anyway-- go surf with a clear concience
:cool: :thumbs:
effie c

30-06-2006, 04:48 AM
One of the things a lot of people don't understand is that Firefox tries to protect you from ActiveX things and the inserted malcode that might be on an active website.

You might lose a little functionality on sites that have those things, but FF will pull down a little yellow bar telling you that something like a plug-in is needed to view the site you are on, correctly. If I can use and see the site well enough, I don't bother with the plug-in.

If you think it's a safe move, go ahead and click it...but FF has warned you that it could be dangerous, which is something IE will not say. :groan:

I perspnally never allow Macromedia Flash Player to exist as a resident in my system and call it any time I truly-gotta-have-it. I try to brute it into WMP if I can, as I feel it's much safer there and I can control it from that position better. Ya just gotta find file extension handlers (codecs) for WMP, that's all. Some will not work though no matter what I try.

This is good training for my move to Linux...and work-arounds!

30-06-2006, 12:10 PM
If you're still having problems with the Google player, try using KeepVid (http://keepvid.com/) to download the clip - plug in the URL, select Google from the list of sites & click Download. Then click on the Download link to save the video :)