View Full Version : 3D Crads and AMD Processors

22-12-2000, 06:04 PM
I am running a 500mhz AMD 3D Now Chip with Asus P5A-B Motherboard, 64Mg SD-RAM and KTX Top Scan 15' monitor with Trident Drivers SVGA.

I have heard that AMD 3DNow chips cannot use another 3D card in the same system, due to conflicts with the 3D Now bit. I would really like to get a clarification of this as I need a 3D card or Graphics Accelerator.

I have checked out the AMD site and it states that 3D now runs with 3D cards, not against them. I have established from the site that the card does have AGP slots needed for a card.

If there is anyone who has a system with similar configoration to mine I would appreciate knowing what cards they have in their system, or if they know for sure which cards will work in this system.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Keep up the good work PC World,