View Full Version : Voip Skype/Yahoo

07-06-2006, 10:10 AM
Win.XP SP.2 - P4 1.6 Intel mobo with onboard sound 257mb ram Dual 80gb hdd

Without knowingly making any changes I have lost the incoming audio on both Skype & Yahoo. Running latest versions of both programs. Callers can hear me but I cannot hear them at all, just a bit of noise.

I have followed the Skype guidelines and tried the Skype 123 check to no avail. All connections are correct and I can hear audio streamed over the Internet without problem. Can also record/playback without problem.

The onboard sound seems to be performing correctly.

Has anyone experienced and fixed this please? :help:

07-06-2006, 03:13 PM
Problem solved in Skype by resetting incoming ports.

Any ideas on how to check incoming ports in Yahoo :confused: :confused: :help: