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03-06-2006, 06:16 PM
A clean install of Windows XP home went smoothly. When I try to install programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader I get errors.
I tested the hard drive with Seagates & got fatal file structure errors.
I ran a diagnostics program on the hard drive & got error stating Data Boundry Error &/or DMA overrun.
Could someone guide me on what to do next.
I am unsure how to, or if a DMA overrun can be fixed.

03-06-2006, 06:42 PM
Panic now.


Return Code Description
01h Invalid function in AH or invalid parameter
02h Address mark not found
03h Disk is write-protected
04h Sector not found / Read error
05h Reset failed
07h Drive parameter activity failed
08h DMA overrun
09h Data boundary error
0Ah Bad sector detected
0Bh Bad track detected
0Ch Unsupported track or invalid media
0Eh Control data address mark detected
0Fh DMA arbitration level out of range
10h Uncorrectable CRC or ECC error on read
11h Data ECC corrected
20h Controller failure
32h Incorrect drive type stored in CMOS
40h Seek failed
80h Timeout
AAh Drive not ready
BBh Undefined error
CCh Write fault
HEh Status register error
FFh Sense operation failed
?? Unexpected int13h error
Dealing with interupt 13h errors (Q106)
In general this category of errors indicates (serious) hardware problems that can not be resolved using software.