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16-12-2000, 03:16 PM
I recently had to return my Packard Bell Club 500 machine for servicing as the modem was dead. When I received the machine back Packard Bell had nicely replaced both my modem and motherboard under warrenty. Unfortunately, my old motherboard had a Yamaha DSXG Sound chipset which had a nice little DOS emulation mode. I could select the irq, memory location, etc for older programs that looked for a soundblaster or equivalent. My new motherboard has a SigmaTel chipset. This has no emulation modes. I cannot change the irq or memory location at all. There is no 'front end' emulation panel, and, of course, a lot (all) of my soundblaster requiring programs no longer work. Packard Bell say that there are no DOS emulation drivers for the new motherboard. Is this a common occurance these days? I always thought that Soundblaster was the pseudo standard? I now have a machine which is not what I originaly bought - where do I stand ? Hopefully Packard Bell will be able to locate an old motherboard for me.
Is this how things are now with regard to sound cards?

Thanks for your comments.