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23-05-2006, 08:57 AM
Hi all, i have sent this message to Partition Magic support email and never got a reply yet.. it been like 3 week i sent it and still no reply. So it's why i'm trying on some forum to get some help and see if anyone had a similar problem. I'll resume a bit before i copy/paster the whole message i sent to symantec. First i got a 160gb maxtor hd with win xp sp2 installed with all win update done and using NTFS. I've done disk defrag like 2-3 time on my problematic partition, ran scandisk, tryed Partition magic rescue disk.. and still im stuck with my problem. So to make a long story short, i've started with 4 partition on my hd which were all working fine without any prob when i decided i wanted only 2 so i fusionned 2 partition together and 2 other together, one if my fusion worked sucessfully but i had a problem with when i tryed to fusion my MP3 backup partition with my other partition, now the fusion is done and my MP3 BACKUP partition is in a folder called "BACKUP" in the partition i moved it to, but i CANT ACCESS IT!!!! when i try to enter it it says Access is Denied and i cant see any folder or files in the dir but what is weird is that the space used by my mp3 are still used.. i had like 40gb of mp3 and there is still 40gb used on my 2 fusionned partition that i cant touch.. thats my problem.. if u want to help and want to know more i'll paste my message that i sent to symantec. SORRY for my not too GOOD english and i tryed to give as much information i could. Sorry also for swearing but loosing a hard gained 40gb of mp3 collection hurt very bad.. when u count i've been adding mp3 since 5 years. and mainly MP3 that u'll find no where.


Hi, i got a 160gb hd and in first i had decided to split it in 4 partition. I formated my hd, installed win xp and after i installed Partition Magic 8.0. So i did it.. i made 4 ntfs partition: 1x10gb (windows), 2x50gb (backup), 1x30gb (install).. Everything have been working really fine for now.. Untill i decided that i no longer wanted 4 partition and switched to only 2 partition. So here i started i fusionned my 2 partition (windows&install) (after i had formated both partition) together and it worked fine and i don't have any problem with this one. But here come my problem, when i tryed to fusion together my 2 backup partition i had a little problem,
because i didnt want to remove the content on my 2 backup partition. I
didn't really knew if i could fusion partition with content on it together, so i tryed it.. when i first tryed to fusion them i remember it told me that i needed more space on one of my partition like 5 or 10gb. So i moved some stuff to my new partition, i had just made, and then retry to fusion my 2 backup partition, this time it worked. Everything seemed to work fine, i had the task to fusion my 2 partition ready and only needed to apply the change in Partition Magic. So i applied, my pc rebooted.. and the screen showing the changes being made showed.. everything was going as fine as same as when i did my Install+Windows partition fusion. Except one error while the progress was like at middle-end which i dont remember it :confused: , cause it been like 1month when it first happenned i didnt really cared about it :groan:, saying to my self i'll probably be able to fix this with the RESCUE BOOT DISK so i ain't took much attention on it (sadly it turned out rescue bootdisk dont do **** im even wondering why they added the word RESCUE in that.. :eek: ). Atleast, I remember that i couldnt do anything else then rebooting or pressing a key to get back to windows or something like that.. as i sayd it been a long time and im not too sure what it was saying, But it cant come elsewhere then from partition magic :P.. I did everything fine and i sadly, or unluckily, got an error when Partition Magic did the progress.. (and i don't think its an hardware issue or such could it be?) What could be the cause??! What could i have did more to prevent it from ****ing up then watching it going and wait??!. Anyway, now i'm back in windows.. it fusionned (even if it ****ed up) one backup partition in the other under a directory named BACKUP (as i told Partition Magic 8.0) and now it seems i can't no longer access it.. when i try to click on it it gives me "D:/BACKUP is not accessible. Access is denied."
But the stuff seems to be there, because when i check my partition information it say i got 101gb on this partition and 70gb is used (and i only have like 30-40gb of stuff on D:/ except of D:/BACKUP.. and there is like 40-45gb (music mainly) stuck in D:/BACKUP that is not accessible. I'm just hoping i will not need to format my partition, cause it would really sucks. Is there anything i can do to unlock d:/backup or something? or atleast restore what is in it? I've tryed CHKDSK and it didnt notice anything wrong, I've tryed defragmenting my partition like 3 time and now it no longer need to be defragmented.. And oh yes, i also booted the Partition magic boot disk and scanned my partition and i had a 1516 error, I've looked around the support site to see if someone had similar problem, i've read -"Error 1516: "Partition improperly dismounted" appears randomly"- it's actually the reason why i did CHKDSK /F as it was saying and also defragmented it to be sure.. But all other way except CHKDSK that i've understood is way to ignore the error (which sound very stupid cause i want to fix it and get my stuff back and not ignore it and chkdsk doesnt do **** about that)..

Thats my problem in overall... All hd SIZE are APPROXIMATIVE, but i don't think it will change a thing to have real number anyway its understandable enough i think. Thats over all i can say more i guess.. I hope there is something to do about that.. and i hope i made my self clear enought, Sorry if my english past tense isn't perfect i'm french canadian :P..

Anyway THANKS for READING and i hope you will understand my problem well with what i've described.


23-05-2006, 09:02 AM
try this

http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=308421 (take ownership)

23-05-2006, 09:07 AM
Thanks for lightning reply :thumbs: .. i'm reading at it at this moment :nerd:

23-05-2006, 09:16 AM
Oh MY GOD! :D IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot, i've been on this problem for a while :(