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17-05-2006, 09:51 PM
My sub's making a buzzzzz noise with or without the pc connected or turned on.. any idea's why? its only 3 days old!!!!. Is it possible i overpowerd it and ruined some component inside the woofer?! ill check the manual.

Edifier M1300 Multimedia speaker. the manual just says that it has a low noise to signal ratio and to check the soundcard to isolate the problem.

on the website, http://www.edifier.ca/support.html
it says some stuff on it in the support:

Hum or Buzz
There are four common causes of humming and buzzing:

1. Sound card If the humming or buzzing gets louder or softer with changes in the volume setting, this is an indication of noise coming from the sound card. In this case, check all of the connections to the sound card to make sure they are all completely plugged in and secure. Then, adjust the level setting of the sound mixer to obtain the best performance. Generally, you should leave your CD volume settings in the mixer at full and reduce the sound card's master output level down. For information on doing this, please refer to your sound card manufacturer's documentation.

2. Unused input cables If you are not using all of the source inputs to your speaker system (such as using a 5.1 speaker system with a 4 channel sound card), the unused input cables will tend to pick up noise.

3. High-power devices If you are using other high powered devices on the same electrical circuit, they may be causing hum or buzz. If so, discontinue their use while you are using your speaker system. Examples of such devices include microwave ovens, halogen lamps, power tools, etc.
Also note that high-power devices with dimmer switches (such as halogen torchiere lamps) will cause an especially pronounced buzzing effect. To minimize hum or buzz, make sure that the dimmer switch on these products is either all the way on or off.

4. Electric Polarity In many countries, the US being one, the electrical power grid is polarized. In these countries, the power plugs are designed so they can only be inserted into the wall socket in a single direction. For example, in the US one of the plug blades is larger than the other. To avoid humming and buzzing, both your computer and speaker system must be properly plugged into polarized outlets. If your wall outlets do not have polarized plugs, as in the case of many older homes, and you are using adapters to plug these power cords into the wall, it is possible that the polarity of either your computer or your speaker system is reversed. In many other countries, such as most of the European Continent, wall sockets are not polarized at all - making it even more difficult to properly match the computer and speaker system.
To solve the problem you will need to remove the power plug from the wall outlet, rotate the plug 180, and re-insert it into the wall. Try this for your speaker system power cord, your computer power cord, or both. You should be able to find a combination that will eliminate the humming and buzzing

17-05-2006, 10:02 PM
well now its gone...maybe it just needed a rest. im reallly not sure. it comes and goes i think. but for now ill leave it out when im not using it. sorry

17-05-2006, 10:35 PM
This is normally caused by an earth loop, the buzz is 50hz (which is the frequency of the mains A/C).

Make sure that all the connections between your PC and Sub are firmly connected, this can be caused by the plug from your speaker to the PC being halfway out.

My speakers emit a buzz when my PC is off and I have to shut them off at the wall when I turn off my PC.

17-05-2006, 11:47 PM
Sigh... i agree but its just problem after problem for me. now its games. i thought it was jsut battlefield 2. but its all games. there's no sound!?

u can hear the gunshots in bf2 fine. but nothing else except the one sound file of being shellshocked work.... i tried serious sam 2 demo and no sounds except the music in game either :S *** lol :badpc:

18-05-2006, 10:24 AM
That sounds like the problem is with your PC rather than the stereo system. Try decreasing the level of hardware sound acceleration - it may help.

19-05-2006, 09:41 PM
uh huh, sounds weird to me. Do you turn on your sounds?