View Full Version : 2.1 Speaker Bass to noise ratio problem..

15-05-2006, 07:39 PM
This week I purchased some Edifier 2.1 speakers and subwoofer for $45. They work amazingly compared to my old headphones and I am very satisfied but for one problem. I have a creative sound blaster sound card and with the creative sound mixer i have bass and treble on max (for more bass and higher pitch baby!) I later realised that full treble was a bit too high pitch so i put it to 85% (since i couldn't get 90% - i like even numbers, lol) the only problem is with bass on 100% the speakers tend to distort and even cut out when heavy bass plays from either music or games. (busta rhymes - touch it & max payne 2 demo) The speakers tend to immitate the bass more than the subwoofer does. the sub is at my feet below the desk and the speakers are on the sides on my monitor. if i reduce the bass level to 50% there is no problem but it seems like my subwoofer is doing nothing. Is there a way i can make it so my sub does what it does and the speakers do what they do. they seem to do both and they can't handle diong the bass.. confused :S any suggestions? increasing sub power sumhowz? i have 2 speakers setting in windows.

15-05-2006, 09:47 PM
ah i fixed hte problem. just put it on 'drum and bass' mode lol