View Full Version : Browse with Paint Shop Pro?!

13-12-2000, 06:50 PM
Three questions for the knowledgable out there. First, when i right click on folders i get the option to browse with paint shop pro. Why would i want to do this, and how can i get rid of this option! Secondly, when i right click and go to new (folder etc), i get the option to create a Go!zilla file list. I havent had Go!zilla for quite some time (seems to crash my system - im using Windows Me). How do i get rid of this (ive even cleared go!zilla from my registry). Third question is; When i used to right click on files/folders i got the option to scan with norton anti virus. After i re-formatted my disk and re installed nortons i didnt get this option. Any ideas? Im running on Windows Me. Thanks