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06-05-2006, 11:00 PM
I've got loads of AVI Movie files that I've recorded myself using a program called FRAPS. Now these files take up quite alot of space so I'd like to compress but make it so that they still retain the same quality (if this is possible). I don't know what program to use for this so any recommendations would be gratefull. Thanks :)

06-05-2006, 11:46 PM
First thing you need is to get a program to compress the AVI'S. VirtualDub (http://www.virtualdub.org/) is a basic freebie. (Iinstructions on usage at site)
Next thing is a codec to compress those AVI'S. XVid (http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/) is a good example. You install it once and thats it!

You must remember that when you compress AVI's there will always be some loss in quality. The higher the quality though, the bigger the file will be. The lower the quality the smaller the file size...

This site (http://www.divx-digest.com/articles/avi2mpeg4.html) has another tutorial on how to use VDub.

Hope that helps

06-05-2006, 11:58 PM
AutoGK, One step xvid creation.


07-05-2006, 12:00 AM
I do a fair bit of video game recording. I edit the movie and add sound plus efects using the full resolution FRAPS footage and then save the raw uncompressed movie.

I then use 'Auto Gordian Knot' to convert the finished result to an avi of whatever resolution, fps etc I require (to put on YouTube or Google vids etc). I have tried Virtual Dub and other programs but found they were more trial and error to find a combination of formats that worked without having too much technical knowledge.

I am impressed with its abilities, it can reduce a 200 meg file to 10 megs with a reasonable pic and sound quality.

Google it, it's free.


It must have taken over 2 mins to type that .... great minds think alike huh Metla :)

07-05-2006, 01:46 AM
Cheers guys, I'll check them all out :D