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Neil McC
27-04-2006, 09:26 AM
My Philips 107s kakked it last weekend still within the 3 year warranty. Philip's replacement, a refurbished 17 inch LCD. So I asked and upgraded to a 19 inch new LCD for not a lot of dollars.The LCD has a DVI-D input with 3 rows of holes. My video card has an outlet with the same 3 rows of holes and at the end of them a square of 4 holes. The input to the LCD hasn't those 4 holes arranged in a square pattern.
My question.
Is this normal, and, is it worth connecting the LCD to run on the digital signal.

We're still adjusting to the size!! And both of us find the LCD very bright, have turned the brightness right down. Would the digital in make it any difference in brightness?
One good thing, the UPS power usage has dropped from 62% to 50%.

27-04-2006, 10:26 AM
The "missing 4 holes" is the analogue signal, its not required as you have an analogue VGA if you want it.

While a year or three back there was a notable difference between DVI and Analogue (VGA) the difference is less noticeable on newer screens that have better analogue-to-digital converters built in.

I run 2 19" LCDs here side-by-side, one Analogue (VGA) and one DVI. The difference is barely noticeable, the main one being there is no phase adjustement etc available or needed on the DVI mode screen.

The video signal on the video card in the PC is digital, the VGA socket part converts it to Analogue, where the LCD reconverts it to Digital.

With DVI, it's digital all the way, eliminating 2 conversions and giving an -exact- match pixel to pixel, not relying on "pixel mapping" as part of the final conversion from Analogue.

I would go with DVI, the cables are not expensive (though my screens all came with DVI cables supplied) but don't expect a huge improvement.

Neil McC
27-04-2006, 11:16 AM
Thanks gf,
I was hoping you'd reply!!
I'll pick up a cable and try it then.

Neil McC
27-04-2006, 01:23 PM
Thanks again gf.
it is better with the new cable.