View Full Version : Need drivers for firewire card

23-04-2006, 10:07 AM
These are the only details on the card: "Tean t1 94v-09940". I have seached the usual areas Drivers.com and googled it but got nowhere. Any help appreciated as cant even seem to find the manufacturers webite...frustsrating!!!

Speedy Gonzales
23-04-2006, 10:47 AM
What version of Windows have you got?

23-04-2006, 11:48 AM
XP HomeED.

Speedy Gonzales
23-04-2006, 03:46 PM
Hmmm, a search in Google from some posts in different places say it maybe Puretek, or Texas Instruments.

BUT Puretek only have modem drivers, nothing else.

From what I saw, and the other doesnt look like it has any drivers!

If you've just brought the card, take it back and get one that comes with drivers.

Or one you can find drivers for / XP can detect and install the drivers.

Where did u get the card??

23-04-2006, 09:11 PM
From trademe, got what i payed 4 i guess?

Speedy Gonzales
23-04-2006, 09:22 PM
Yup, I would have got something like this (http://www.dse.co.nz/cgi-bin/dse.storefront/444b37ec054433d2273fc0a87f9906be/Product/View/XH8270)

If you wanted USB 2 as well.

23-04-2006, 09:32 PM
If you could boot from a live linux cd and do an lspci at the shell prompt it may give more information on the card.