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John W
18-04-2006, 08:38 PM
Hi there

I need to alter the home website index.htm page, so that when its opened, it switches to another website homepage, without the user being too aware. Yesthey will know when/if they view the address bar info.

No problems here, cause Im not hiding anything, its just that another server has more form scripting output options, which will save everyone a lot of time once data gets loaded in.

So, if the home default home website is www.123.co.nz and the site I need to switch them to is www.345.co.nz/123 what code do I enter in the www.123.co.nz index page to achieve this.

Thanks. It will save everyone a lot of time if I can get this done.

John in Mosgiel.

18-04-2006, 09:06 PM

[I commented out the meta tag on this page because it was causing too many browsers to bounce back and forth and back and forth. Go to html-redirect.html for a live example]

This page shows how to use an HTML <META> tag in the header to redirect to another page. The <META> tag goes in the <HEAD> section of your HTML document. The <META> tag on this page looks like:

CONTENT="5; URL=html-redirect.html">

The "5" means to wait 5 seconds before redirecting. The "html-redirect.html" after "url=" is the URL of the page to which to redirect.

These two pages, "html-redirect.html" and "html-redirect2.html", will continue to switch back and forth until you close the window.

It is customary to include a direct link to the page that will be switched to automatically in case you get an older browser that doesn't support the feature or the user doesn't want to wait. Something like:

This page has moved. If your browser doesn't automatically redirect to its new location, click here.

Sample code..

<title>HTML Redirection Example</title>
CONTENT="5; URL=index.html">
This page has moved. If your browser doesn't automatically redirect to
its new location, click
<a href="index.html">

A test one I did can be found Here (http://pages.quicksilver.net.nz/tony.lee.at.home/redirect.html)

18-04-2006, 09:08 PM
IMO, is easiest way to do this is move the entire site from the old server to the server that has more scripting support then you donít need to worry about doing this :)

My :2cents:

Hope this helps :)

John W
18-04-2006, 09:44 PM
Thanks Bob Doe, it worked a treat.