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16-04-2006, 04:39 PM
Hi Guys at F1

I am running Xp Pro, We are Running a Home Networks, My Wife is
running XpHome on a seperate Computer as a Client, All is working Well
we share Files and each of us can change each others Files, no
Problems. She has a Dialup Modam, I have Broadband, I want her to use
my Broadband through our Network Cable conection. My Modem is not a
Router. But we are plugged into a 10 plug Cable router, It has been
running well for the past 12 months
I have run the Internet shareing Wizard on my Computer and have made a
Netsetup disk to run on hers.
Thats all now Done, "But" I cannot connect to the Internet via
broadband on her Computer, Yet the Icon in the Toolbar By the Clock
says we are connected. I have 2 Icons, One called "Local Area
Connection" that is our usual one running the Home Networks. she now has
another Called
"D-Link Dial-up ppp Connection" also on the Desktop she has a Icon
called "DSL302G Admin (ETH)"
When I run Internet Explorer on her Computer It will not Connect to
Broadband, I Have tried Adding a new connection in the Tools,
Options,Connections of IE, also setting up a new connection as well.
If I double Click the DSL302g icon on the Desktop it loads up IE But
shows "1.100" in the Adress bar, I type in a Web site But it does not
I have some thing wrong here has any one Got a Idea what the problem is.
Cheers and Thanks, Ockerr

Speedy Gonzales
16-04-2006, 04:45 PM
Dont use the network wizard. Enter the ip addresses in manually.

And dont put it on obtain an ip automatically. As it'll change if her PC gets rebooted.

Put it on use the following ip address, in my network places under the wife's LAN icon / properties / TCP/IP.

And type in the ip for the gateway here. So it'll point to yours. (your IP address). For the modem.

Dont know about the BB side of it, as I dont have broadband myself.

16-04-2006, 05:06 PM
Go to Network Connections in the Start menu, right click on the Local Area Connection under LAN or High Speed Internet, choose Properties > Internet Protocol > Properties and enable the option for "Use the following IP address". Enter the details for that computer's IP address (whatever it is currently) and make the Default Gateway the same as the setting on your own computer, which will be the address for the router (I think - if that doesn't work try the address for the modem and if that doesn't work put in your computer's IP address).

Make sure you put in the Preferred and Alternate DNS Server addresses.

This is how my own machines are set up but my modem is a router so I am not 100% sure it will work with your hardware. Someone else will correct if I am wrong. Or it just won't work. :p

Let us know how you get on.

17-04-2006, 02:38 PM
No Luck with those changes, I'm back to where I started. There is very few Details on the subject of ICS That actually are step by step Instructions, I have looked at Dozens of pages of infomation, But they all hold very little info, The writers seem to think its 5 clicks and away we go.

17-04-2006, 03:18 PM
Yes, ICS is a bit of a pain. I wasn't sure whether you were actually using ICS but now that is clear the best advice may be to use a proxy program. The one most recommended here is AnalogX from http://www.analogx.com/

The forum has a Networking FAQ (http://www.pressf1.co.nz/showthread.php?t=49958) that may be of some help. It also has links to other useful sites.

17-04-2006, 04:56 PM
i had the same problem, (amongst others, partly related to needing to reinstall windows and wireless issues)

just delete the old dialup connection. remove AND uninstal the modem (if possible). tell your router to either assign the correct ip addresses, or tell everything to go automatic

personally, i find nothing wrong with automation, it works and removes the human error of not knowing that you really dont know what you're doing lol :badpc: