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13-04-2006, 04:52 PM
For the last couple of days I've had the following problem:
If I access a website the Status bar on IE6 says "Done, but with errors on page".
I also find that when I right click on a link and select "Open in new window", nothing at all happens, no new page,and the original page stays the same.

Finally in MSN Messenger 7.5, If I click on for eg. Mailbox, or send email to one of my contacts etc, Messenger can no longer open the MSN mail page

A few other funny things are happening with IE and MSN messenger.
Will I have to reinstall both programs, is that possible?
Or could it be a problem with another part of windows? .Net1.1 etc?
Any help would be appreciated

Will J

13-04-2006, 05:07 PM
What version of Windows? Have you recently installed any Windows updates? Scanned your computer with up-to-date anti-virus and spyware programs?

In Internet Explorer go to Tools > Options and click Delete files to clear out the temporary internet files. Go to Advanced and click Restore Defaults.

Speedy Gonzales
13-04-2006, 05:08 PM
If u mean net framework 1.1, MSN and IE dont use it / need it to run.

I wouldnt worry about the errors on page msg on the site.

Most probably a screwup on the site you've gone to, not you.

And what are u using? XP? If XP is SP1 or 2 installed? IF SP2, the popup blocker maybe blocking things.

13-04-2006, 05:41 PM
Thanks for the replies. I'm using windows XP SP2, I don't think its the actual site that has a problem, it happens on most sites that I have visited in the past including pcworld and they used to be fine.
I have disabled popup blockers and I still cannot open hyperlinks in new windows by right clicking the mouse - Open link in new window.
This has just started happening yesterday. I use MS security centre for my firewall, and AVG for my antivirus.
I hope that some important file hasn't been deleted and I have to reinstall windows? I just did that last month and don't fancy doing it again.
Any further suggestions??

Will J

Speedy Gonzales
13-04-2006, 05:58 PM
Get the file in my sig below. We'll see if u have anything nasty.

Also, is Java installed?? SP2 doesnt install Java.

Are you running any other browsers besides IE?? ie: Opera, Firefox?

13-04-2006, 06:39 PM
Also, is Java installed?? SP2 doesnt install Java.

That depends on when you installed SP2, as Jave Is now included in SP2, as far as Iam aware.