View Full Version : Selecting smalles files from two folders

13-04-2006, 09:51 AM
I have a folder with about 1000 png's in.

I am going to run the whole lot through a png compression tool, and output the new files to a new folder.

The only problem is that the compression tool doesn't always make things smaller.

Is there an quick way to compare those two folders, and then copy each png with the smallest filesize to another folder? Also, if the two files compared are the same size, then copy the original.

(size in kb)

Folder1 | Size | Folder 2 | Size | Folder3 | Size
01.png 1 01.png 0.8 01.png 0.8
02.png 1.1 02.png 1.1 02.png 1.1
03.png 1 03.png 1.2 03.png 1

Just wondering if there is a tool out there that can do this, otherwise I will have to do it in php or something.