View Full Version : Recovery CDs for Packard Bell iXtreme E301

07-04-2006, 07:35 AM
As the title suggests, I'm after the recovery CD's for the abovementioned computer. Workmate decided to format the drive because quote " It just wasn't working right" Apparently it was running a bit slow. Needless to say his recovery discs were no where to be found so he installed a copy of Wind XP Pro. I tried activating XP Pro (thinking it was all good) only to find out that he had borrowed another friends XP Pro disc for the install. I told him that wasn't going to work at all. 1 software licence per computer and all that.

Now the Packard Bell has a Windows XP Home COA on the side, so I thought choice... use my XP Home disc with the licence key on the side of the PC and everything is all good. WRONG... install went fine until I tried activating Windows which didn't work. I was quite surprised, I thought as long as you used 1 licence key per PC it didn't matter whose disc you used to install the OS... is this different with branded PC's HP, Compaq, Packard Bell etc?

Well if anyone can help me out with a set of recovery CD's I'd really appreaciate it. I'm going to ring Packard Bell and see if they can give me a copy (hopefully without a charge)



07-04-2006, 08:20 AM
With the name brand notebooks (Acer, Compaq/HP, Packard Bell, Sony etc) if you use a standard OEM XP CD to reinstall Windows you have to do the activation by telephone. The reason is because normally, if you use the recovery CD's, you don't have to activate Windows at all.
They ask if this is the first time you are activating this copy of windows and if you have installed it on any other machines. Just tell them why you have to reactivate it and say no to the other question.