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01-04-2006, 03:43 PM
Doing a lot of searches lately for various answers, various subjects....

Once the initial search has reached thousands of pages to wade thro.....and have found lots of links that dont lead any where, and was wondering how long google stors this info for, and how often they check to see if its out of date or not?

do they just link to it, or store the info?

really am lost how google works, but am the basics, but do find more often than not the answer could be in an out of date page, link, that i have used before maybe? or that google can no longer find?


google is the best encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus online isnt it???



Graham L
01-04-2006, 04:03 PM
Google is good, but don't assume that every link it gives you is totally relevant to your question. After the first ten pages, you are probably finding pages which has one of the words in your search string. Or a word like one of the words in your string. ;)

Google doesn't go out clutching your search string in its hot little hand and start at the beginning of the Internet reading pages looking for those words. It looks up its indexed database. It has thousands of computers doing the reading all the time, and, after sorting, it updates that database.

If a link doesn't give you the page, it's still in the Google index, but the page has gone. Go to the end of the Google entry, and click on the cached word. The link at the top gives you the actual URL. The "cached" points to a copy of the page on Google's disks, which was made when the spiders found it.

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