View Full Version : ADSL speed display

Heath Davis
30-03-2006, 10:31 PM

I'm new at this stuff so please bear with me. I have heard about how the speed I subscribe to (2Mbit) is the maximum I will get and at times my connection flys, but other times it seems to be rediculously slow.

Is there an onscreen (tool bar or Icon) that displays the current speed?

I guess I am paying for something and if it is always less than I payed for I want to know so I can make an informed choice as to whether to change or not. A friend of mine has Woosh his PC shows the connection speed. Mine used to do this when I had dial up but doesnt do it now.

I have a DSE ethernet router and am an Orcon subscriber and run win 98 (It works fine for me and isnt a resource hog the new version is, but thats another story) with 512Mb ram on a 1Ghz machine.

Thanks in advance