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30-03-2006, 06:12 PM
Hello team.

I have been looking for a solution to synchronize Outlook Express actual emails (not dbx files or folders).
Running two PC's independent, receiving and sending messages on both computers during e.g. a week, I like then like to synchronize all messages in all folders, without loosing emails which happens when one just copies the latest created dbx files.
Have you got a solution for this.

I have been looking for for a long time on the Internet and tried many software solution, but not one will actual do this, most simply copy the latest *.DBX files, causing emails send and received getting lost . . .
I am also well aware of IMAP solution, but that is not what I am looking for.

Any suggestions, work arounds? I could not find this question on your web site. Maybe I am the only person worldwide having this problem ??

Cheers, Gerard

30-03-2006, 06:18 PM
You could try changing the store location of the dbx files, a place that you can see from both computers on your network. Havent tried, may work,.

Have you tried not letting it delete the emails from the server for a specified amount of time, this will allow both computers to collect the emails. Means double downloading though.

30-03-2006, 06:21 PM
How about leaving the messages on the server for a few days, that way both machines can download them, doesn't help however with sent messages which would only be on the machine that sent them.