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27-03-2006, 11:26 AM
Win98, 30GB hd, ? 256Ram, Nero v came with CD writer MSI CD-RW MS-83403 [cr4092], bought end of last year.Using Imation CD-R disks.

Hard drive is nearly chokka eg. about 3-4GB left, as exchange student is saving miles of photos from camera onto computer nearly every day. Includes JPEGs at a.2080kb each, AVI files at a.5 - 6000kb, and wav files. Her camera storage card is about 4-500MB - it's a Casio 6MP. [And after seeing the shots and the really good depth of field, I'm thinking of getting the same. In my dreams!]
My brother keeps his business data etc on the computer and he really has to get all these photos off the hard drive pronto before everything crashes :help:

Problem: Getting fixation error + won't complete the burn. Was trying to burn a folder full with mixture of JPEG, AVI, WAV files. Only printed out 1st page of Nero log as I thought there were going to be too many pages to print out.
Nero report said DMA was off, current version of Wnaspi32.dl was v1,0,0,0, created 23/4/99, physical memory 375MB [384084kb], Free physical memory 0MB [32KB], Memory in use 84%.

Should I do all the following? If so, in any particular order?
Is there anything I shouldn't bother with?
Should I do one at a time then have another go at burning?
Do I just keep going over to his place and let the student put photos on my notebook and burn to disk that way?

Advice from Net:
1. Enable DMA in the Primary and Secondary IDE Channels, then restart computer. And if this doesn't help to also uninstall their drivers and restart computer again. [apparently when you have failed more than 6 burns with Nero, windows automatically reverses your DMA mode to PIO mode or Off mode.]
2. Choose "data disc ISO 9660" as disk type - saves jpg's as data files and whatever you burn will stay in their original form.
3. Download latest wnaspi.dll file for Win98 [NeroASPIen.exe v. 4/5/00].
4. Slow down burning speed to at least 24X. Better chance of working out. CD using win is trying to burn faster than PC can handle.
5. Need to close down more apps and not have chat programs, Internet, Antivirus at real time, all background tasks off, eg, screensavers, and check out power management settings.
6. Make sure HD is fragmented, and to constantly defrag between burns.
7. Not to manually fix the windows swap file size

If you've read this far, thanks, I really appreciate it.

27-03-2006, 01:28 PM
If it were me, the first two steps would be do a Scandisk/chkdsk, and empty the temp folder. Lastly I would make sure I have 700MB free disk space, though it may not be strictly necessary.

From Windows 98,
Start ... Programs ... Accessories ... System Tools ... ScanDisk

Start... Run... Command
Set temp

You may get something like "TEMP=C:\DOCUME~1\MYNAME~1\LOCALS~1\Temp". So you fire up Windows explorer, and go to "C:\DOCUME~1\MYNAME~1\LOCALS~1\Temp". By the way, this is the "short name"


27-03-2006, 01:44 PM
for me fixation errors is normally dud media ie stuffed cd. throw it and use another.

Terry Porritt
27-03-2006, 01:57 PM
>>"My brother keeps his business data etc on the computer and he really has to get all these photos off the hard drive pronto before everything crashes "

Hmm...Students and business computers don't mix, she should have brought her own laptop with her. Suggest said exchange student buys her own external drive. Hopefully there is USB on the computer.

Transfer all her files to that, and all her new photos can go there too. Then when she departs she can take the drive with her.

Else del *.* is a good solution :thumbs:

Graham L
27-03-2006, 05:31 PM
Picasa is very good at writing CDs of pictures. :D It might work under W98.

Do the brother's backups of his business data run correctly? :thumbs:

27-03-2006, 10:16 PM
Thanks for the replies. Fell asleep on couch after posting problem and have just woken up.
kingdragonfly: If I do a search using *.tmp,*.temp and remove the entries would that be the same thing. Computer did a scandisk when I had to do a few CTRL-ALT-DEL. Machine is running slowly but they have a lot of things going at the same time. Got to really work on clearing some of them.

Terry: My nephew was down a few weeks back and managed to get some off using a usb flash drive but there are many more to clear out. Both he and the flash are now back up north. Brother is being very accomodating as this girls family looked after my niece when she was on a student exchange in Germany for 3 months -came back Jan this year. He is thinking of getting her to get them put on disk by a camera/photoshop. In the meantime, unless I get Nero to work, only solution at the moment is to use my notebook to take on any further photos she takes and get them onto a CD.

Graham: Picassa may take up too much room on hard drive, and adding anything at this moment might nobble too much of remaining memory. I've got a Win98 computer that I can lend them, but it hasn't got a CD Writer either so it will just make 2 problems instead of 1.

Think I'll just go through the list I mentioned in the post and hope one of them solves the problem.
Thanks for suggestions. Appreciated. Cheers. :)