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27-03-2006, 10:06 AM
On Friday I posted this but went away for the weekend before making any progress:
I just installed a new asus motherboard where the other seemed to have died.I checked all the add ons but had no way of checking the cpu. Now when I start the computer there is no power to the monitor, keyboard or mouse, in fact the monitor will switch to powersave as soon as I plug it in with the computer off.Is the cpu probably the problem, have I bought a new mobo for no reason or is it something else? With the old motherboard there was a continuous beeping on startup but that is absent now.Help please.

24-03-2006, 05:03 PM
CYaBro replied,
Do you have another PSU you can try?

I checked the PSU by running it in my other computer for a few weeks before deciding to redo this one

gibler replied,
Is there an LED on the motherboard? Is it glowing i.e. getting power?

Yes and Yes


27-03-2006, 10:21 AM
Hi there welcome to PressF1. 1st thing... please do not double post.. you have started 2 threads in relation to the same problem. It's easier for the rest of us to keep track of the situation if you keep it in one thread.

2nd Asus mobo's are known to not boot if there are any shorts occurring between the the board and the case chassis. I had a similar problem a while back.. but after installing those little brown spacers between the mobo and the chassis things went fine...

Also can we have the rest of yours systems specs... that may help.

My initial recommendation is to take the mobo back to the place of purchase and have them sort it... is it still under warranty?