View Full Version : Another Powerpoint question

Billy T
25-03-2006, 05:27 PM
PP 2000 & Excel/Publisher 2000

If I make up a diagram in Publisher (or a graph in Excel), then copy and paste (or paste special>picture) into a dark background in Powerpoint, sometimes the image is pasted complete with a white backgound, and other times it pastes in transparent form (just the drawing or graph outlines) in the normal slide backgound.

I'm buggered if I can find what the difference is that makes one image paste with white background and another as a transparency, so to speak.

Excel doesn't seem to do it as much as Publisher, though I had it licked in at one stage by making a selection in the Excel menu toolbar, but I think that must have been a fluke because the issue returned.

The work-around is to past in a blank white background then lay the next image on top, which works fine, but I'd love to find a permanent fix.


Billy 8-{)