View Full Version : Using my digital camera as webcam ?

23-03-2006, 02:46 AM
I have HP R507 digital camera and I was wondering is it possible to use it as a webcam ? If it is, what kind of software would I need ?

23-03-2006, 03:10 AM

Looking at the specs, I would say no, it's not capable and no software would enable it.

The PC connection is to the memory section only, not the CCD in most digicams. That's common these days, as webcams are cheap and using a 4.1 MP camera as a webcam would take a huge bandwidth for an internet connection.

The camera would have to be physically (electronically) redesigned to give access to the "video stream" to the USB and no external oftware can help with that.

Of my 3 digital cameras, only 1 functions in a limited capacity as a webcam, the interface software is supplied and the feature is well advertised. If the HP was capable, the same would apply and I see no reference.

Basically if the manual does not show how, its a good sign it's not capable.