View Full Version : Finding IP Address

03-12-2000, 08:21 PM
I am using PCAnywhere to connect between two computers over the internet. I am having to get the host site to email me their IP address once connected so I can then access their PC. A rather clumsey way of operating. Is there a better way based on the Host PC name?? Some PC's connected to small ISP's have the first three number groups static and it is then easy to use 255 subnet to locate the host name (provided they are on line). However the larger ISP's have their client IP addresses changing almost all the way down the number line, each time they log on making the 255 search near impossible. In this scenario, is there another easier way of finding the host. We always know the Host PC name. Is there a way of doing a wide search across all IP addresses, say in NZ, looking for the host name??

many thanks