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02-12-2000, 12:41 PM
OK this is a solution to a problem I had that I thought you all might like to know.

Problem: I was constantly annoyed by the fact that when I opened a link in interet explorer as a new window. I.e. Right clicked on the link then selected 'Open in New Window', the size was always so small that I was constantly having to maximize the window, even if I resized it! I searched the MicroSoft Knowledge Base and all I came up with was an article that said something along the lines of... 'This is designed to be this way.' Well typical Microsoft answer of 'Its not a bug its a feature and we're not telling you how to change it!'

Now I am using Internet Explorer 5.5 and I'm not sure if this works for other versions but I think it may, as it also seems to work for Windows Explorer and other programs.

Open the new window. Resize the window to how you want it and then whilst holding down the CTRL key close it. I find that I have to shut IE completely before it will save this new setting. Also I sometimes find (and other times not) that it helps to hold down the CTRL key throughout the resizing as well. This will rewrite the new window sizes in the Registry for next time. If anyone from Microsoft is reading this please fix the KB so this solution is included (or easier to find) as I've helped about 10 people today alone with this!