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20-02-2006, 02:57 AM
Hi all.
:help: Can anyone tell me how to change the folder attributes in my RW Drive. I've had it a while now but never realized that the files are read only after they arrive at the CD RW Drive. Never noticed it before until I wanted to delete a few files and find I have to erase the whole disc to do that. My system 'XP' for some reason won't let me look at the 'Change Attributes' help files( If I have any) this is what I get when I ask.....

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Thanks in advance

Graham L
20-02-2006, 05:46 PM
Welcome to PressF1.

Files on a CD are Read Only. CDs are like that. :thumbs: I haven't used the "CDRW like a floppy" , but I suspect that files once written are there until the whole disk is wiped. The only way I can think of which might let you "delete" individual files would be if the system writes a new TOC (directory) with the filenames removed. Does Windows do that? Should it?

Doubtless someone else who wasn't awake when you posted will correct me if I'm wrong. ;)