View Full Version : LPT Port Loss

25-11-2000, 09:26 PM
Yesterday my 2 printers worked through their manual hardware switch via a Zip drive from the LPT port (as they have for several years). I replaced the inkjet with a more modern one and there was a glitch at the end of the installation (displayed too fast to take in). The new printer would not respond from windows apps, but I got it connected through PRINTERS - PROPERTIES and successfully printed several pages before shutdown.
This morning another started the computer and reported a message about 'new hardware' and various others before shutting down. On restart later, and after restoring the old display settings etc, the PRINTERS folder reported 'User intervention required - use printer offline' for each LPT-connected printer, and the DEVICE MANAGER showed no LPT port. I followed the MS website trouble-shooter for printer problems to the end, which bought back the LPT icon in Device Manager, but with an exclamation mark. Its Properties reported 'not present, not working, or not all drivers installed'. I tried detecting the port through Plug & Play which reported no new hardware, and I tried upgrading the drivers from the Win 98 second edition CD, but was told that those drivers were already installed.
The printers self-test, I can't connect to them from DOS, and Windows Explorer can no longer see the Zip drive.
Queries:- Is this a coincidental hardware failure, or a software problem? What do I do now?