View Full Version : Blank batch and sys files

21-12-1998, 02:59 AM
In the old days when Win95 was young, I could set the PIF to load favourite games games in DOS and located drivers for sound, CD etc by copying paths from autoexec.bat and config.sys or browsing the hard drive 'til I found the folders where they lived. However, I now work with machines where the abovementioned .bat and .sys files are BLANK and there are no folders that look like they hold anything to do with my soundcard or CD. What's going on? How can a computer boot with blank start up files? How do I know what's being loaded and what's not? I even tried reinstalling everything on the hard drive - even formatted one computer first. Still nothing.
Fortunately, I have the disk containing the drivers and have resorted to copying relevant drivers to folders on the computer and faking the lines needed in the PIF properties. OK, I can play GP2 again, but the kids are still without the full Incredible Machine and a couple of other faves. But I would like to know how I can find the paths to drivers if I don't have batch files of the original disks handy. Please explain somebody - the manufacturers can't (or won't) and it's scary not knowing.
P.S. These machines currently have Tatung CDs, Yamaha OPL3 Soundcards and run under Win '95.