View Full Version : Windows 98 - Programmes Crashing

19-12-1998, 11:24 PM
I'm using Norton System Works to deal with some of the problems I have with Windows 98.
There is one problem which won't go away and that is everytime I start my computer I am alerted to a couple of problems. I run the Windoctor associated with Norton Utilities and it defines the problem thus:
'Invalid ActiveX/Com Entries. The Active X/Com sections of your Windows registry contain one or more invalid entries'.
Several solutions are offered - automatic and manual editing of the registry.
The specific messages are:
SFWFile type\shell\open\Command refers to an invalid command entry C:\Photowks\Podw.exe%1
and AlbFile type\shell\open\Command refers to an invalid command entry C:\Photowks\Podw.exe%1.

The directory C:\Photowks does not exist and the Windoctor successfully deletes the invalid Registry Entry, until the next time I boot up my computer.

How do I for all time deal to this problem I have. What do I do next?

I'm running Windows 98, 266 MHz Pentium II, 98 Mb RAM, and of course Norton SystemWorks is running in the background.

Cheers and thanks