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28-12-2005, 08:51 PM
I need some help with network.

I have 2 PCs. One is a AMD Sempron 2500+ with onboard 100Mbit LAN, WinXP. The other is a AMD 200Mhz with a 3Com ISA card. Win98se.

Those 2 computers connect fine to a laptop which is a 100/10 Mini PCI card. Win2k.

Those two PCs are having issues communicating with each other.

First I think the win98se is having software issues as that used to be fine under Win95 (revision a). I have put win98se on it and now the issues. The win98se was on the laptop before and had issues with LAN, I used it for a moment only and then wiped the laptop and went to win2k which has been faultless. When win98se was with the laptop I also got issues that was intermiddent, sometimes u see the other PC, sometimes u didn't. Or sometimes u didn't see the other PC but the other PC could the other.

I have tried on the 2 PCs uninstalling all the network things under network properties and reinstalling, disabling firewall, both on the same workgroup, both has things shared as full access. I have tried to ping them and unsuccessful. I tried to map the network drive to no avail. Via Network Neighbourhood each PC on most times just see themselves. A few times it is able to see each other and copy a file faultlessly. Generally what happen is the old AMD is able to see the other PC a few times. The new AMD is never able to see the other PC.

However when the laptop is connected to either PC its faultless, it works fine all the time.

So any ideas?

28-12-2005, 09:22 PM
I'd suspect bad hardware..

For a start run the network cards diagnostic tools to try to detect bad network cards. I'd simply find a replacement card for the old 3Com ISA (ek) and see if that helps.

If you have a switch/hub try using other ports or borrow another one.

This is based on the fact that you can't ping computers at times. Double check your basic TCP/IP netowrk settings though.

28-12-2005, 09:49 PM
I half agree with Gibler, however I would definitely try all new fly-lead cables, as they are cheap. I have certainly had bad cables cause connectivity problems and collisions on switches/hubs over the years.

Beyond that, swapping out the Network cards starting with the ISA jobby would be a good start.

28-12-2005, 10:13 PM
Thanks for the help. I think the 3Com is a Etherlink III, PCI actually, I have a cheap chipset Realtek I think PCI card that is also a 10Mbit card, I will try that.

The cables I have, the cable I have currently is one that is quite new so I don't think its that.

No router to try out thou.

Will see what happens.

Interesting thing is that with win98se on the laptop it was not as stable on the network, then this win98se was put on the old AMD, previously with win95 it was fine. The laptop now with win2k is fine.

29-12-2005, 05:48 PM
I've pulled the old Realtek PCI 10Mbit card out and tried it. Does not get a green light. So I biffed it.

Upon playing with the PCI cards and slots the 3Com now tend to be working more consistently.

So the computers are, IBM laptop on a 100/10 card builtin. Old AMD 10Mbit PCI card. New AMD 100/10 Mbit onboard.

I tried to ping them.

New -> itself = timeout.
Old -> itself = <10ms
Laptop -> itself = <10ms.

New -> old = <1ms
Old -> new = timeout

Laptop -> new = timeout
Laptop -> old = <10ms

New -> laptop = timeout
Old -> laptop = timeout

Can anyone make sense out of this? If one goes via Network Neighbourhood its slow but when it accesses the file, file transfer is quite quick. 1GB (single file) on the laptop with new AMD 100Mbit got it at 2min 15 I think or 3min 15.